5 Corporate Team Building Activities That Work

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This article is contributed by Ursula Jones.

Individuals who work together on a daily basis must know each other and be able to communicate whether they see each other regularly or not. The workplace would otherwise be a tense, threatening place. One of the best ways to make workers comfortable with one another is via team building activities. Here are five simple yet effective activities to engage employees in one another’s lives.

1. Team Scavenger Hunt

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The first potential activity is a general scavenger hunt. Employees are divided into teams and given items to find and questions to answer concerning the workplace and company policies. As the hunt progresses, the questions and items become more difficult to answer or more obscure in location. The organizer of the scavenger hunt times the teams, and the team to find all the correct items or answers wins. This activity simultaneously encourages teamwork and leadership by insisting that all ideas are considered and compromises are made while also testing employees’ knowledge of the company as well as the workplace.

2. Team Profiling

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Another useful team building activity is Profile Bingo. Each employee is given a Bingo-type card with facts about the employees listed in the squares. Employees are asked to mingle with one another and find the people whom the facts on the cards describe. The first person to match five in a row in any direction on the card wins the game. This activity involves oral communication and encourages employees to know one another on a personal level. It’s particularly effective for very large companies.

3. Time Capsule Chest

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A third team building activity is a values game. Employees are placed in small teams and are instructed to think of five items to put in a chest that collectively epitomize modern society. Years from now, other civilizations will find the chest and will learn about our society solely from what is in the chest. Each team will share and defend their choices. This activity encourages collaboration, discussion, compromise, and allows employees to discover the values of their colleagues.

4. Team Jingle

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Another novel team building activity is a creative sales exercise. Small teams are instructed to come up with a 30-second jingle to sell a common item such as a pen, notebook, or necktie. The most entertaining and effective jingle wins. This activity allows for communication, compromise, innovation under pressure, and spontaneous creativity.

5. Team Track Day

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A fifth and final team building activity is a track day. This a great activity for a smaller team during which everyone is given the chance to drive around a track in vehicles ranging from go-karts to Aston Martins to Porsches. It’s up to the organiser to choose the kind of car, but everyone will have a brilliant time regardless. Track days are generally followed by a BBQ or other simple food and drink which is good because driving can work up an appetite! This activity is a great chance to have a lot of fun and get to know colleagues even better in a casual setting.

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