4 Locations Where QR Codes Work the Best

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This is a guest post written by Mathew Ronald.

When it comes to QR code marketing, one cannot place enough emphasis on the importance of location. Get it right and you will be able to draw in large number of people to scan your QR codes. However, get it wrong and you will find that people are not too keen on scanning your QR codes. Following are 4 locations where QR codes work best:

Marketing Materials (Brochures, pamphlets, flyers)

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All marketing material is designed to entice the customer into learning more about a particular product or service. What better way to make them interact with the brand than a QR code? Research has shown that most QR code activity can be tracked back to QR codes that were printed on marketing materials. Brochures and flyers are very effective marketing tools on their own. But combine them with QR codes and you have a real winner on your hands. This is also a good opportunity to experiment with designer QR codes. Instead of opting for the boring old black-and-white QR code, get a code that reflects the overall brand image, just like the rest of the marketing material.

Promotional giveaways (freebies) with QR codes

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Everybody loves freebies. Even if they have no use for it, they will still take it just because it is free. It would be utter madness to not use this as platform for a QR code marketing campaign. As long as the QR code is placed strategically and is in good taste, people will not mind utilizing promotional giveaways. In fact, people rather prefer a t-shirt with QR code on it than a corporate logo. As with marketing materials, this is also an opportunity to experiment with a QR code generator.

QR codes on Product packaging

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Nowadays, it is very common to see QR codes on product packaging. Once upon a time, the QR codes were displayed in a tiny space somewhere on the packages. But now, they are much more prominently displayed. This is thanks to early success achieved by QR codes when first introduced on product packages. Initially, all the QR codes would do is redirect consumer to a corporate website. However, they now include a range of information, such as a list of ingredients for any packaged food. QR codes on product packages are particularly well liked by e-commerce companies that ship products to customers’ homes and offices.

‘For Sale’ signs with QR codes

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Whether it a house for sale or an ad displaying the sale at your favourite clothing store, putting a QR code on the ‘For Sale’ sign can work wonders for your QR code marketing campaign. Alongside marketing materials, it is QR codes on sale signs that attract the most amount of customer interaction. Real estate agents have been quick to spot this trend and adopt QR codes into their marketing strategy. As a result, it is now impossible to see a ‘For Sale’ sign outside a house that does not contain a QR code.

Seriously consider the 4 locations mentioned above as a possible destination for any QR codes that will be a powerful part of your marketing strategy.

Author Bio: Mathew Ronald is a marketing expert and has found the use of a QR code generator to be a unique way and an important part of your marketing strategy.

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