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This article is contributed by Barbara Peterson.

If your company is going green these days, you’re not alone. Sure, becoming a more eco friendly company is the right thing to do, but the simple reality is that the sustainability equation is adding up. Not only is it actually going to save you money in the long run, but customers are watching more than ever these days, and going the eco friendly route may convince a few more of them to come to you instead of your competitors. This year, as you search for the right green gifts for clients and suppliers alike, you may want to consider these options.

Seed Packets

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You may not think of seeds as your first choice when you decide to purchase green business gifts this year, but it really makes perfect sense. There are few things people can do to help the environment more than to plant some pretty amazing choices, and seed packets can help them understand your commitment to a healthier planet. Order your seeds from the right company, and you can even have your logo and message printed on the outside of the packet along with planting instructions. It’s one unique gift your recipients are certain to appreciate this year.

Fabric Shopping Bags

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This one has been a tried and true eco friendly gift option for more than a decade now, and with good reason. Almost everyone needs to go shopping at some point, and those plastic and paper bags available at your local mega store or market are just going to end up in the trash eventually. To do this gift right, avoid the one dollar cheap version and go with a reusable chic bag with your company’s logo on it. You may even be able to find one with handy features, like choices that fold into their own small carrying pouch for ease-of-use.

Organic Wine

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While this certainly won’t be the right choice for every business gift you need to send this year, it’s a great selection in many cases. Your local wine shop may even have organic wine tastings are regular intervals so you can select one you personally enjoy before you send it out to clients or vendors. In some cases, you can find some great bottles for less than $10 each, and who doesn’t love wine as a gift?

Solar Chargers

solar charger

The single best way to charge iPods, cell phones, and much more, solar chargers are not only a great gift, they’re seriously sought after by many these days. You can find a variety of options in the twenty to thirty dollar range, and some of them can even include your company’s name on the side for an added touch.

Green Gift Basket

organic basket

Probably the best choice of all, a green or organic gift basket gives you a bit of extra freedom you simply can’t get with any other eco-friendly gift idea out there. Fill it with green products that help support your company’s message, bamboo dinnerware, or even organic treats and goodies your gift recipients just can’t get anywhere else. It’s the perfect way to give a great gift that recipients will truly appreciate.

Author Bio: Barbara Peterson is a writer with many interests, including holiday gifts and shopping. She frequently contributes to the All About Gifts & Baskets Idea Blog, where you can find more corporate gift ideas.

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