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If you’ve not been aware of the viral growth of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, then this was the week to change all that.  It started with the news that the Pope now has a Twitter account @Pontifex and even though he has not tweeted he has more than half a million Twitter followers.

Almost simultaneously Twitter lit up with the news of a royal baby.and Twitter was soon all atwitter with royal baby congrats.

Soon after the palace confirmed the news that Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting their first child, social media blew up, natch.  Twitter reports that the term “royal baby” saw a 377% increase in the past 24 hours.  Plus, “Kate Middleton” and “#Kate” were both trending Monday afternoon as famous well-wishers from all over the world took to the micro-blogging site to offer up their congratulations.

It would appear that the main channel of discussion on all this is now Twitter. For example the UK telegraph used its Twitter account to expand on this news.

royal baby tweet

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge face big decisions over living arrangements for new baby http://tgr.ph/R5vPq3

Given all this brouhaha, it is not surprising that businesses are not being left behind.  Apparently there are Exciting New Statistics on Businesses Using Social Media.

A recent  survey of of 600 small business owners, by Manta, indicates a strong move towards a more integrated, multi-faceted approach to marketing that is happening through websites, social media and email than ever before. Not only are small business owners “putting an increased emphasis on establishing and promoting themselves online to network and increase their customer base” but they are also are reporting success in these efforts driving business. Manta reports: “An overwhelming majority (90 percent) dedicates time to networking online and 74 percent find networking online just as, if not more, valuable than networking in person.”

One challenge in working with social media is that it is all about conversations, people talking to people.  How can you best use your resources and efforts to make an impact here.  Just as we have had search engine optimization for dealing with the search engines, we now have social media optimization to maximize visibility in the social media.

Luckily if your news is sufficiently interesting, then people will want to share it with their friends and you can easily create a viral explosion.  You will be contacting an exponentially growing audience with your message.  That is why this social media topic is rightfully drawing so much interest.

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