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So many people are plagued by anxiety and stress on a daily basis. They worry about the day to day happenings of life, and sometimes these fears spill over into the work place. We all have an off day now and then; however, if it’s frequently negatively impacting your job, you need to learn some stress management techniques.

Taking Medication

If you have extremely high levels of anxiety, you might simply need to start taking medication. Consult a psychiatrist to see if it has reached that point. By talking with someone else, you might learn some other coping mechanisms. You may also find that simply talking the problem out is of a huge help.

Take a Break

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While it’s not always possible to go out on a half hour long stroll whenever you want, you’re likely entitled to get up and use the bathroom or grab a drink at intervals throughout the day. Even just stepping away from your desk or computer for five minutes can help you to recharge. When you take this little break, try to avoid thinking about anything work related. When you get back to your desk, you’ll feel as though you have a fresh burst of energy. Of course, you cannot be walking away from your desk every half hour or so. Try to limit these types of trips to when you really need them.

Don’t Obsess

A lot of times stress and anxiety comes from obsessing over a situation. Try to keep your cool. Maybe you’re panicking because you have a big presentation to do next week, and you’re really nervous about speaking in front of your supervisors and managers. Constantly thinking about it for the next week is not going to help you. Whenever you start obsessing about something, pinch yourself. You might think it’s silly, but it can honestly really work. You’ll start to associate that thought with physical pain, so you’ll likely stop doing it. Just don’t pinch too, too hard!

Vacation Days

Some people put such huge expectations on themselves. They think that it’s bad if they take vacation days or call in sick from time to time. These are your days to use. You don’t need to use up every single day off that you have, but a little getaway now and again is only what you deserve. When you are away from the office for a few days, you get back that fresh and youthful perspective on life. You become grateful for your job again because you remember that without the income, you simply would be unable to go on this beautiful vacation with your family and friends.

Work is a major source of stress for many people; however, it does not have to be like that. Just remember that there are many other people out there who have significantly more stressful jobs than do you. All of the anxiety and stress that you are building up could be put toward more positive emotions if you just gave it a chance.

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