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It you need any confirmation that social media are where it is happening then the headline that Obama tweet sets record should convince you.  Social media provide an opportunity for any business activity also.  What may have worked in the past may no longer be the most effective way of working in this social media world.

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This applies equally well to the whole business of recruiting.  You must ensure that any jobs you’re posting are appearing where your most talented contacts are likely to see them.  Using social media certainly seems to be the way the trends are going.  Social media are increasingly becoming a recruiting tool for companies.

LinkedIn continues to be the dominant social network used by recruiters, with Facebook and Twitter seeing significant growth in the past year. … With the ability to instantly gain access to a large pool of talent, social recruiting is only expected to gain momentum according to the experts.

As Mashable points out in its Social Media Recruitment Survival Guide:

With Facebook at 901 million members and Twitter with 500 million accounts, an increasing number of employment-eligible people spend a good part of their day on one or more of these popular social platforms. These networks are becoming key sources for employers and recruiters to find potential employees.

Which jobs are best suited to social media recruitment

It is quite clear that those with a keen interest in online activities will be prime targets of social media recruitment.  That means anything that will likely appeal to millennials.  That covers both creative jobs
and analytical jobs.

Perhaps the surprising thing is that using social media really works well for most skilled workers.  In a way it can be a useful device for weeding out the less strong candidates.  Companies are particularly interested in people who are likely to be good team players, which goes along with a sociable nature.  Where better to find such people than on some of the social media.

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