6 Ways To Improve Your Business By Becoming Great At Networking


This article is contributed by Fred Hunter.

One of the most important parts of business is the ability to network with people. Once you make a great number of connections it can open up a whole new world of opportunities for you. To be able to share ideas with other successful people can take your business from good to great. The amount of work you can get from referrals will improve. If you keep to yourself you still have a good chance of being successful, but not nearly as much as when you’re well connected. But how exactly do you become a great networker?

Stay away from the wrong people

You have to be careful about who you are networking with. It’s not just enough to make connections with every single person you can find. They actually need to be successful. To know what they’re talking about. If you are sharing ideas with someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about you will just be wasting your time. Time that could be better spent at building up your business. It’s not wasting time talking to someone who will push your business in the right direction.

This is the future

business networking

There are great ways to connect with people offline and meeting people in person is very important. But these days it’s just as good networking with people over the Internet. It’s just so big that it can’t be ignored. When you don’t look online you are wasting the chance to connect with someone very smart who comes from a country you might never have visited in your life. And being able to go on a Skype call or send a quick email is a lot more time efficient than driving to a meeting.

Don’t just take

When you begin speaking with important people you will obviously have lots to learn. It’s great that you are able to do this, but you have to remember it’s not a one-way system. You can’t just expect to take all the time and speak about what you have going on. You need to provide value to other people. As soon as someone thinks of you as nothing more than a taker they will stop connecting with you. The great advice will be cut off and you won’t have a good reputation anymore.

Or ever give up

It might seem like whatever you do it’s impossible to make good connections. Obviously there will be some instances when people will reject your advances. This is perfectly normal. You just need to keep trying and you will eventually become better at it. Start trying to network with other people who seem to be at your level. It’s a lot easier. It’s not like you’d expect a reply if you emailed Donald Trump, would you?

Help others with something

One of the easiest ways to make a good connection is to help someone out. To try and improve their life in some way. Think about what you’d feel like if you opened an email one day and someone was trying to give you advice about something they think you are doing wrong. Unless you are a fool and took it as an insult you would feel a sense of gratitude to that person. Now when they ask you for a favor in return you would be much more willing to help them out.

Always be honest

There’s no quicker way to ruin your reputation than being dishonest. Once the trust is gone there is no way someone will ever listen to you or help you out in any way again. There are far too many people out there who will try and lie. Even if you know there are things that might put someone off it’s still stupid to try and conceal it. Being honest and upfront means they know what you say is always the truth.

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