6 Things Successful Business Owners Do That You Don’t

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This article is contributed by Anthony Davis.

Successful business owners don’t wake up one morning and have a huge bank balance. You aren’t born with the skills needed to start a business and reach levels only a tiny percentage of people ever accomplish. When you’re starting out or struggling to take your business to the next level, the successful business owners are the people you need to emulate. It’s only then that you will get to the stage you dream about every night. People may also pick up a few things along the way from other people. Maybe you don’t have those connections, so let’s look at some great qualities you should have if you want your business to become a huge success.

Don’t live in the past

Every day is a new day. It’s great when you have a little win somewhere along the way. You should go out and drink champagne. But the next day you should be back in the office and getting stuck into more work. Your business doesn’t grow because you think your little win affords you a holiday for the next 3 months. Those little wins will destroy you if you can’t put them to the back of your mind and get on with growing your business.

Choose your friends wisely

You can choose anyone to be friends with, but the people you spend the most time with affect the way you think. When you are surrounded by successful people it will rub off on you. When you spend time with enthusiastic people it will drive you to succeed. That doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your friends from school. Just know that spending your time with people that can change your life for the better is not a bad idea.

Set short deadlines

If you come into work and give yourself 2 hours to complete a task it’s going to take you 2 hours. When you give yourself deadlines, it will usually take you around that long to complete the task. That’s why you should give yourself short deadlines. It’s so that you’re always working hard because you know you don’t want to run over the allotted time. That doesn’t mean to say you must work non-stop, but don’t think you’re working when you are not.

Don’t fear failure

Failure is one of the most important things that can happen to a business owner. All it means is that you’ve found a way that doesn’t work. It doesn’t mean you will always fail. Nobody always gets it right the first time. If they tell you they do it’s obvious they are lying. Learn from your past mistakes and you will never make them again. Think about all that time you’ve saved yourself by failing. And at least it’s come at a time when it didn’t matter, because tomorrow is all that matters.

Find an easier way to do it

Once you become successful with something you can’t sit back and count your money. You need to break it down into a dozen parts and find out how you can make it easier. How can you do it quicker? How can you do it while spending less money? Can you get someone to do it for you? Having success is great, but it’s the people who know how to continue to make it better that earn more money.

Go the extra mile

Everyone has better things to do than work. But better things don’t mean a successful business. There’s nothing wrong with staying later because you need to get something done. If you need to get up early you should. Once you are prepared to go the extra mile you will find yourself accomplishing more and more. It’s the people who only do just enough to get by and no more that end up falling short at the end of the day.

Author Bio: Anthony Davis is a member of the Accountant Lambton Team at GC Accountants and is an active blogger too. He blogs about small businesses in general and how to make a small business successful.

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