Rocking the Work Place

This article is contributed by Rob Moyer.

Chances are, you aren’t going to start strumming a guitar during client consultations or banging on the drums as patients wait for their appointments to begin, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a total rock star at your place of employment.

rocking the workplace

Be on Time!

Being even just five minutes late every day is not good. After only two weeks, that adds up to almost an hour of lost work time! In addition to being on time every morning, you also need to make sure you’re at meetings at the start time too. Arriving late tells your boss that you think the meeting is not important. Furthermore, don’t duck out of work a few minutes early. Staying for the full eight hours is certainly not going to hurt you.

Do Your Work

It seems pretty obvious that at work you should, in fact, be doing your job. However, it’s incredible how many people slack off or dump their workload on other peoples’ shoulders. Take care of your responsibilities. Remember, work is not the time where you take care of your personal responsibilities and chores. If you keep running out to talk on your cell phone every day or your boss sees Facebook up every time he or she walks by your computer desk, chances are you’re not going to be at that job for too much longer.

The Extra Mile

So you’re tired of the cliche “Go the extra mile!” Well, you don’t have to keep repeating it in your head as a personal mantra, but you should try to live out its words. If your boss asks if someone can stay for an extra half hour one day per week, consider offering to do this task. If a coworker calls in sick and a certain department is falling behind as a result, offer to help out. Make sure that you have completed your own work first though. If you fall behind, it’s not going to be of any help to the company.

Create Team Spirit

If you’re the leader of a team or the manager of a particular department in your company, try to keep the pride in your workplace alive. If you notice someone lagging, try to find out what the problem is, and work on solutions together to help the person get back on track. Furthermore, you could also consider doing some team building activities or organizing social events with your fellow employees. Getting to know each other outside of the workplace can help to make conversations about difficult situations easier. Check with your company to make sure that they do not have any specific rules about types of social interactions amongst employees.

Whether you work in a school, a hospital, a law firm or a warehouse, there are plenty of opportunities available to really showcase your talents. Sure, many people can be good employees or even great employees. However, now with these simple tools you have all you need to bring your work status right up to the rock star level!

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