A Green Retirement

golf greenIt all sounds very enticing – combining the two notions of green and retirement.  However that is not how  Ray Dawson sees it and he is aiming to ditch retirement while going green.  He is a  lifelong entrepreneur and is now coming out of an eight-year retirement to  launch his third business in Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma District Solar Energies Inc

installing solar panels

This means he could well be hefting bulky solar panels up a clanking extension ladder, and then installing them.  Apparently he can’t imagine ever retiring or working for someone else.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

He is the exception and many more will probably find the advice of Joe Udo more to their liking as he offers 7 Ways to Go Green in Retirement.

Living sustainably is doable at any age, but it can be much easier in retirement. Prior to retirement, our time outside of work is limited. We value anything that can save us some time, which is not always the most sustainable option. After retirement, there will be a lot more time available to make a daily conscious effort to be green.

Here are seven ways to reduce your carbon footprint in retirement:

  1. Move to a smaller and more energy efficient home
  2. Audit your electricity usage
  3. Line dry your laundry
  4. Grow your own fruits and vegetables
  5. Buy local
  6. Move to a more temperate climate
  7. Bike and walk more

As Joe Udo concludes going green can take a lot of time and effort, but it can also help you save some money in retirement. Most people will have more time than money in retirement, so why not help the environment while you can?

Golf Green

When thinking of walking more and the topic green, golf naturally comes to mind.  That’s despite the words of Mark Twain who opined that Golf is a good walk spoiled.  After you have put effort into other ways of helping the planet, why not enjoy a little green activity yourself, despite the fact it often takes quite a bit of the green stuff to pay for those golf starting fees.

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