Top Ten Tips for Success in Business

This article is contributed by Bill Mosby.

Success in business is a lot like success in life, it takes hard work, determination and a little bit of luck. Unfortunately however, working hard and being determined are a lot easier said than done. And luck tends to have a mind of its own.

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Should you find yourself trying to make a buck in the business jungle, here are ten techniques known to increase one’s chance of success.

1. Lead By Example

Don’t expect your employees to go the extra mile if you are not willing to do so yourself. As the business owner, you should be both the first to arrive and the last to leave. If you want people to work weekends, they should see you making the same sacrifice. Make it a point to always demonstrate the work ethic that you want to see in your employees.

2. Never Skip Lunch

Many business owners don’t take enough breaks. There’s a difference between displaying a strong work ethic and overworking yourself. You wouldn’t expect your employees to be productive if they couldn’t take breaks, don’t expect that from yourself. You cannot be a robot no matter how hard you try.

3. Make Snappy Decisions

Don’t be indecisive. Indecision leads to losses more often than it leads to gains. I’m not saying you should make important decisions based on the first thing that enters your mind but you also shouldn’t be afraid to use your intuition. Be bold and when an opportunity presents itself, don’t be afraid to pounce.

4. Be Passionate

The most successful business owners are usually those with a genuine passion for their business. If you have such passion, don’t allow yourself to lose it. It is a valuable commodity that cannot be bought or studied for.

Remind yourself on a weekly basis just why you started your business and just why you should be passionate about it. Use that passion to drive you and demonstrate that passion to others whenever possible.

5. Demonstrate Integrity

Never underestimate the importance of integrity when it comes to running a business. Don’t sacrifice it for the sake of short term profits. When you demonstrate your willingness to cut corners, you are subtly inviting your employees to do the same. Promote an honest working environment.

6. Be Flexible

The ability to adapt is not something that any business owner can live without. Don’t become stuck in your ways. When faced with a problem, don’t keep bashing your head against the wall doing the same things.

Be flexible in your approach to your business. Be flexible about exactly what it is that your company provides. YouTube started out as a dating site, never be afraid to adapt.

7. Encourage Criticism

Sometimes you can become too close to your business and in doing so, fail to spot problems and/or the potential for improvement. Because of this, it is not unusual for employees to spot things that the actual business owner misses.

If you want your employees to come to you in such situations, you need to encourage them to do so. Promote a work environment in which your employees are not afraid to disagree with or criticise you. Hearing yes all the time might be nice but it will not benefit you in the long run.

8. Be Confident

Believe in your business. Believe in the product/service that it provides and believe in its potential for success. Voice this confidence whenever possible. Confidence is contagious and it leads to both happy stakeholders and productive employees. If you don’t believe in your business, don’t expect anybody else to either.

9. Accept Failure

Don’t allow a fear of failure to prevent you from making the decisions that are necessary for your businesses success. Though there’s no need to take unnecessary risks, not all risks are unnecessary. If you play it safe too often, your business is unlikely to ever reach its full potential.

10. Look After Yourself

Finally, take care of yourself. Many business owners make the mistake of sacrificing their own health/state of mind for the sake of their business. Remember, the most important asset that your business has is you.

Don’t skip sleep, don’t obsess over minute details and learn how to relax. If you push yourself too hard, you run the risk of burning out. And where will your business be then?

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