Keeping In Touch

It used to be easy to stay in touch with your friends when the telephone system was less automatic.  Calls were put through on a switchboard when a human being physically connected  two telephone lines.   If you lived in a small village, the telephone switchboard lady could probably tell you whether your friend was at home or not. 

keeping in touch by telephone as it used to be

Telephone systems have become much more sophisticated and now we have the Internet.  Although this makes finding your friends slightly easier, sometimes they can get lost in the cyber-crowd.

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter do keep you in touch when you are online.  However there can be many places where you may be found at different times depending on your interests.  Perhaps you are working with images and spend time at Flickr or Pinterest.  Or perhaps you have a favorite forum where you hang out with others who share your interest in some exotic hobby or activity.

Finding Your Friends

If you know where to find a friend then you can go and search on that particular social medium.  However perhaps they have been spending time elsewhere recently.  If that is the case it would be ideal if there was one way of searching all the likely social media at the same time.

One such place is®. helps you pull together your social and email communications to help simplify your life:

Eliminating the need to visit multiple services, free members can manage communication across the most popular social networks and email accounts securely and conveniently on one simple dashboard. MyLife users can also easily build and monitor one online identity including many profiles, and make personal and professional connections by searching over 700 million profiles, all in one place.

You may find the following video useful to understand what can be done:

Although the vastness of the Internet can be daunting, with such a service it all becomes manageable.

Finding Your Critics

The Internet is ideal for staying in touch with your friends but at the same time it gives your critics an easy way to spread their views on you and your activities.  The worrying aspect on this is that information can persist on the Internet and never disappears.  You may not even be aware that it exists.  Fortunately can assist here to to identify any online web pages that may damage your reputation.  It may not easy to eliminate them but at least once you are aware of what is there you can devise counter measures to minimize the potential damage.

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