How to Make a Good Impression at Business Events

This article is contributed by Michael Frampton.

There are many reasons to host a business event. Of course you will want to promote your product and of course you will want to secure saes and leads.  At the same time whether you’re hosting the event or not. this is a good chance to network with people who may become business partners in the future and prove invaluable to your organization.

But all of this is in vein of course unless you can make a good impression on the people you are talking to. In fact if you don’t present yourself correctly then you can have quite the opposite of the intended effect and actually damage your reputation and any chance of getting others to want to work with you or use your product. Here then are some suggestions as to how you can make a great impression at business events.


Learn Small Talk

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Small talk is a very important skill to develop but it’s also a very fine art that is easy to get wrong. You don’t want to be the kind of person who bores everyone they come near with stories about the weather and the economy, but likewise nor do you want to stand there awkwardly and say nothing – or get straight to the point and try to get something out of the person you’re talking to.

Small talk is a great opportunity to see if you get on with the person you may be doing business with, and to learn more about them and how they view themselves and their organization. To do this effectively one of the very best things you can do is to simply ask them about their day. Ask if they’ve had a good day, what they’ve been up do and how they got here. All these questions are natural and genuine, and they give a great snapshot into their lives. Let the business talk flow naturally from that and if it doesn’t – then don’t force it.


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Your appearance is also very important and it will greatly affect the first impressions people form about you. Wear the wrong thing and you can easily risk looking like a pompous stuffed suit, like someone who doesn’t take the occasion seriously, or just someone who’s a mess and can’t present themselves well – none of which are great impressions to make. Pay close attention then to the dress code, make sure to wear at least a jacket, but at the same time try not to look too ‘stiff’ – keep a couple of buttons undone and don’t tuck your shirt in too tightly. And NEVER wear ‘fun’ ties.

Things to Bring

If you hit it off in a big way with a prospective partner then you need to be able to exchange details and secure the interest. One of the best ways to accomplish this is simply by carrying a business card – this is highly practical and useful for both them and you, but more to the point it shows you’re organized and ready. It’s also no bad thing to bring a tablet computer and/or a smart phone with you in a bag and even some documents in case you want to show something you’ve been working on.

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