Bill As You Go

Cash flow management is one of the challenges for entrepreneurial ventures in the start-up phase.  Costs follow a relentless and regular schedule but revenues may be subject to unexpected delays often for somewhat obscure reasons.

old-style invoice whips and lashes

One possible element in that delay can be the time between the customer indicating that the product / service has been delivered to their satisfaction and the invoice being prepared and sent off.  That could take some time when invoices were prepared by hand. Things are different now.

Invoicing Software

The ideal way to minimize that delay between product delivery and creation of the invoice is to use online Invoice Software.  Once you have that, here are some of the advantages you gain:

  • You can manage invoices online and track exactly what is happening.
  • You can also get an accurate picture of your financial position by recording expenses regularly.
  • Such software will often allow Project Time Tracking so that time sheet entries can be managed online.
  • By integrating with popular online payment gateways you can accept payments online, thus accelerating receipts.
  • You can also gain critical insights into how your business is doing and where improvements can be made and problems avoided.

Billing Software On Your Smartphone

Business is increasingly going mobile.  It is important that your basic software systems should be accessible wherever you are.  That is why news such as Zoho Invoice a strong app for small biz is so good to see.

The app, for Apple’s phone and Google Android, allows a user to create a list of clients and track their sales. It allows for estimates to be created and saved in draft form, allowing the business owner or a salesperson to track who they’ve given them to, even if they were just a quick in-the-store write up. And if a deal is made, the estimate is changed to an invoice with a quick swipe.

With such an app, you can be sure to get in receipts from customers as soon as possible.  What could be better than that?

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