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This article is contributed by Deana Jones.

If you are going to a business event then you will likely be hoping to use this as an opportunity to network and to find potential future clients, customers and business partners. This is an invaluable opportunity to spread the word about your business but also to ally yourself with people who can bring more to the table and help you increase your offerings.

In order to do this you need to be able to mingle and network effectively and in order to do that there are various things you can bring that will help you out. Unfortunately you can’t bring your whole office, and it’s not really acceptable to bring your PR guy to do your talking for you, but here are some things you might want to consider taking along.

Corporate Gifts

corporate gifts

A very smart marketing strategy for any company is to be able to hand out pens, mugs, mouse mats and other corporate gifts. This makes you appear generous – because after all you’re giving someone something for free – but at the same time it also means that you have giving someone a piece of advertising that they are likely to display and use. The very best thing to carry with you is a pen with your corporate symbol on it. This way when they then ask to change numbers you can offer them a pen to write it down with that they can keep to serve as a constant reminder of who you are and what it is that you do. Even if they just see you using your own company pen then this will still show that you’re serious about your company and that you are organized and savvy.

 Business Cards

business card

However when you exchange numbers the even slicker way to do this is to just hand over a business card. Everyone who ever has to promote their organization to someone should carry a business card, and this is a great way to be able to provide all the details anyone might need to know regarding your organization in a small and simple format that will slip into their wallet and that they can keep on them.

 Pen and Notepad

notepad and pen

Whether or not it’s your own corporate pen, having a pen in general is something you should always take with you to a corporate event and so is a notepad. This will allow you to take down notes and to illustrate points elegantly, and it also just once again shows you are the kind of guy who is always organized and who people should want to work with.

If you are adept, you can also consider either quickly typing or even dictating notes into your smartphone. You can also take a photo of a business card if you are pressed for time.




It doesn’t happen often, but it’s not unheard of for transactions and deals to be made right there at the corporate function so make sure you have your company chequebook with you so that you can hire the products or services that appeal to you.

Tablet Computer

tablet computer

The brilliance behind tablet devices is that they can be used so intuitively and passed around groups to share ideas. Having a tablet with you is a great way to show you are up to date with your tech, but more crucially it will allow you to show people your ideas and your projects. Carry a good bag with you and keep it slipped in there until you need it.

Your Portfolio


Tablets are good, but you can’t beat the classics. Having a portfolio with some of your work also in a small bag is another way to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity to impress a potential client or customer. Hopefully they remembered their chequebook too…

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