12 Things to Take Care Of When Blogging About Your Business

This article is contributed by Gagan Deep.

A business blog can gain new eyeballs to your business, and build great loyalty among your existing customers. It can also boost brand awareness, and help build a customer community. However, all this is possible only when business blogging is done correctly.

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That’s why we’ve listed 12 important things you should take care of when it comes to your business blog.

1. Encourage Customer Interaction

When you blog, you have to be open to comments, some of which might be criticism too. You have to take that in your stride and look at the larger picture – greater connection with your customer and better customer loyalty in the long run. Be sure to encourage your customers to post comments on your posts and be sure to respond to them.

2. Make It Easy To Find New Content

Link to your blog from the menu buttons in your header, drop the URL in your email signature, put it on your business cards, enable a full RSS feed and publish the blog URL in your sales and marketing collateral. Use relevant keywords so that people can easily find your blog via search engines.

3. Don’t Give Up Too Soon

Don’t expect overnight success with your blog; be patient, for it takes time for a good readership to develop. Set attainable goals and give it a good go of at least a year. Be sure to market your blog through social media, forums, and other online avenues to ensure people know about it.

4. Get Involved With Social Media

Get active with social media – open company accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and other networks. Talk about your company, your team, your initiatives, promotions, what you want to give to the community and so forth. Build a fan following on social media and it will pay its worth in gold.

5. Don’t De-prioritize Blogging

When too many things clamor for your attention, it’s easy to let go of your blog. But remember when you do that, you lose all the hard work you put into it, and the community you’ve gained. Think of your blog as a priority task too – just like maintaining inventory, publishing collateral and so on, so it won’t get lost in the shuffle.

6. Ensure Quality Writing

Put out a badly-written post and your customers will lose respect for the entire package your company represents. No matter how harried you are, watch your spelling and the grammar and punctuation. Look over your staff and identify someone who’s good at writing and assign the writing task to that person.

7. Converse, Don’t Present

Write your blogs in a friendly, conversational tone. Your intent is to engage the customer with your content on a 1:1 basis. Don’t write long, boring posts that come across as professional dissertations. Write them as though you’re airing your personal opinions on various topics. Then let your customers respond as they will.

8. Don’t Hide Your Team

Your customers want to see the people behind the company, so don’t hesitate to show the human face behind it all. Put up pictures of your team, and let customers glimpse the behind the scenes camaraderie. Doing this will build greater trust among your customers, who’ll see your team as informal, fun, convivial social beings.

9. Allow Your Audience To Like And Trust You

Invite your customers to contribute to your blog. This will help them feel as they though belong to the team. Also try inviting them to ask questions of any team member in a separate ‘ask the team’ page. Put up behind-the-scenes stories and footage to personalize your company and make your audience like and trust you.

10. Keep Your Blog Easy To Navigate

Test your blog’s navigation from the user’s perspective and make sure that everything is easy to find. Provide a site map for easier location of content. Categorize theme-based content in the side bar, and put up ‘you’re here, what do you want to do next’ balloons to help guide them.

11. Don’t Treat Your Blog Like A Press Center

Your business blog is not an extension of your current press center. It’s not the place for press releases, so please keep that in mind. Customers expect to connect with you on your blog at a personal level. Press releases are self-promotional, impersonal and customers are not likely to trust content on blogs that are used for press releases.

12. Keep Your Blog Constantly Updated

Most successful blogs ensure that customers know when to expect a new post – they create a schedule, publish it on their blog and then stick to it. This kind of dependability says a lot about the trust your customers place in you. Publish quality content regularly and your readers will gradually turn into the kind of fans you want.

Author Bio: Gagan Deep works for Invesp, a web conversion optimization company that helps online businesses in providing a better experience to their visitors.

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