Top 5 Benefits OF CMMS Software for Facility Managers

This article is contributed by Chad Faith.

You don’t have to be a facility manager or the person in charge of maintaining the equipment to realize just how much panic and stress comes out of a simple malfunctioning on a key machine. If you feel that you had enough headaches due to these minor problems, perhaps it is high time you learn a bit about the CMMS software.

More often than not, business owners consider that computerized maintenance management applications exclusively address large companies. While I have to agree that large facilities are impossible to run otherwise, I also want to point out the fact that CMMS software is a tool many other businesses – both large and small – could benefit from.

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At this point, I’m sure that you are very reluctant to purchase what you think is a sophisticated application that seems to have the potential of making your job harder. Nothing can be further from the truth, as CMMS software can be tailor-fit so that it matches the exact specifications of your business.

In fact, so far the computerized management applications have provided great results for both large facilities (airports, hospitals) as well as smaller facilities (churches, banks, state agencies). To help convince you about the overall usefulness of this tool, here are the top 5 benefits it adds to the maintenance management department.

  1. Helps you manage the spare parts inventory more effectively If there is something any facility manager hates, that is having to go to the storeroom and look for specific spare part in a big undocumented and totally disorganized pile. If you want to avoid all the frustration associated with inventorying the spare parts, then believe me, you will love the CMMS: not only will it help you keep track of every available replacement component, but it also helps you establish a budget for them. In the long run, this means saving your company a lot of cash.
  2. Provides excellent management of all work requests The ability to process all the work request of a facility is by far, the largest money and time saving ability of this tool. Essentially, it permits your employees to submit any requests directly onto the system so that they are sent out right away. If you like, you have the option of setting up a priority system for the incoming request and the CMMS software will manage them according to the level of urgency.In addition, if the project managers need to know the status of their request they will no longer call you, but instead receive regular updates via email. Believe me, you will be pleasantly impressed by the phone bill savings at the end of the month.
  3. Will provide useful tips and recommendations to help your decision making process More often than not, maintenance managers need to make hard decisions while working on a strict budget. In other words, if you conclude that it is time to replace a component when it just needed a basic repair job, it is possible that you run out of cash when you actually need to change a machine. This is where the CMMS software comes in to save the day:  the application will analyze the data and present you with a well documented summary to help you decide if you need to repair or replace equipment.
  4. It is able to efficiently organize and plan regular maintenance The CMMS software provides an efficient method for your maintenance department to plan and schedule automated safeguarding activities, which are done on a regular basis in the facility. The reoccurring maintenance tasks will be sent out as work orders (with different priorities). Since the preventive maintenance procedures can include inspections and preemptive repairs, you can only imagine how well your equipments and machines will be cared for.Moreover, the CMMS tool is also able to store important checklists and facility specific procedures. Therefore, besides having all the equipment up and running, you can also be sure that all departments are able to perform their tasks in a timely and consistent manner.
  5. This professional tool is in accordance with the safety and environmental regulations Remember those busy periods of the year when your company is due for an audit? Well, it is sufficient to state that the CMMS software will spare you the trouble of printing and going through the tons of paperwork required for the audit. At the same time, the tool will have all the historical data available so that the regulators can verify quickly and easily whether or not your company has adhered to the designated guidelines and regulations.

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