Printing Presses Dead Again

That phrase Dead Again comes from an article in the New York Times about the present status of printed books.  As is mentioned, the same kind of language was being used 20 years ago.  The latest news is that Amazon is selling more ebooks than printed books online in the UK so perhaps it is more serious this time around.

printing the traditional way

Books, like newspapers, are at the top of the list of products that can be affected by delivery on line. At least for books, it would seem that the online reading is encouraging more reading as a whole, so it is not the complete  threat to printed books that might be imagined.

There are many other products where the Internet influence is much weaker. What is the best way to market such products?

Integrated Brand Marketing

Customers still use and buy physical objects.  Their selection of a brand will develop through a host of impressions that come from a variety of sources.  Some of these are via the Internet.  They may do a search and end up on the company’s website.  Or perhaps some of their friends via Facebook suggest they should check out a product they like.

Undoubtedly the most challenging and costly of these impressions are those created by physically printed items.  What could be more impressive than a large poster that you see as you enter the shopping mall.  In the store itself the products may be displayed on a special eye catching rack.  Perhaps most importantly you have the packaging that protects and displays the product.

brands on display

For all of these different formats, skilled print brokers, knowledgeable on all the different technologies, are available to ensure the high-quality promotional products which premium brands deserve.

The printing industry is evolving in the light of these trends.  In all major cities around a world, you will find the integrated printing services that you require.  A search for printing Montréal, printing Madrid or printing Melbourne will give you equally competent and knowledgeable services.  Usually they can arrange that a company’s online and traditional marketing initiatives can be coordinated.  Even though the total marketing package is now much more complex the technology ensures that this can be done in a fairly straightforward way, provided knowledgeable and skilled service people are involved.

Photo credit: Printing press moveable typeface pieces – RONALD MENTI via photo pin cc

Photo credit: Lady in supermarket – Lars Plougmann via photo pin cc