How to Get the Most From Your Staff With Four Simple Steps

This article is contributed by Peter Jackson.

There are many things that affect how useful and productive your staff are. Of course this will come down to their individual skills and how well you choose the right people for the right jobs.

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However it will also probably come down to how well you utilize those people and whether you really capitalize on their individual abilities or not. Here we will look at how to make sure you are getting the most from your staff and to play your hand in the most effective and powerful way.

Know Your Staff Well

A good manager is someone who knows their staff incredibly well – who knows each of them personally, what their hobbies are, what families they have back home, their career history, what their interests are and what their strengths and weaknesses are. The more you know about your staff, the better you can avoid making a mistake by getting them to do something they’re not cut out for, and the more you can see problems that are likely to arise before they do. They’ll also be grateful to you for knowing them so well and they’ll feel closer to you and to the company as a result.

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Make sure to spend some time with your staff and to commit to memory the things you learn about them such as their personalities and ask lots of questions. At the same time make sure you have all the facts on them too – which means looking at their CVs and getting all of your staff to get police and credit checks etc.

Choose the Right Person for the Job

It’s not just a matter of choosing the right people to work under you, but also a matter of making sure that you have the right people doing the right things. Of course we are all better suited to particular types of work, so it makes a lot of sense to ensure that you find out what the strengths are of your new staff and then make sure that they are playing to them. If you know someone has a passion for writing and comes from a communication based job, then don’t put them in a back room doing data entry because they aren’t being used to their fullest.

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Likewise make sure to put your staff in the jobs they like and that they feel strongly about – because then they’ll work harder and perform better automatically.

Craft Good Teams

It also makes a big difference how your staff work together.  If your staff don’t click as a team then this is going to prevent them from working optimally. Make sure that you think about the different personalities and strengths of your staff before you choose who they work with. You want their personalities to be similar enough to avoid arguments but different enough that they can all contribute something different to the team and bounce ideas off each other.

developing team spirit

The Environment and Their Health

You also need to keep your staff working optimally and that means treating them like prize fighters and thinking about managing their health and their energy. This means making sure you don’t overwork them and making sure that you give them plenty of holiday. Maintain your office environment so that it is light, spacious, clean and creates a positive energy that will be conducive to the best possible productivity.

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