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Regardless of your location, job title, or industry, odds are the internet revolution is changing the way your company is doing business. Everything is “Facebook this,” “tweet that,” or “share this” – making it evident just how reliant the world has become on the web when it comes to promoting or selling a product or service.

With this changing face of marketing, it’s important for people to stay abreast of changing trends and tricks to ensure they get the most out of their efforts – from social media to SEO there is much to learn. Luckily, to make this process easier, there are numerous institutions offering educational programs that cover these topics in depth. To learn more about some possible options in your area, keep reading.

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British Columbia Institute of Technology

Contrary to what its title might suggest, this college offers students much more than rigorous courses in IT and Computing. The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) actually has a very advanced and involved marketing department. Equipped with a knowledgeable staff and specialized curriculum, students attending the BCIT gain a better understanding of the ins and outs of the industry and get only the most up-to-date, relevant information during their courses.

The courses cover everything from current practices to strategic opportunities to get ahead – arming graduates of the program with the skills to help any company succeed.


Unlike the previously mentioned BCIT, Reachd training companyoffers a more specialized approach to web marketing and social media practices. With classes covering topics such as blogging, WordPress and Adwords, this organization’s focus is much more concentrated in the world of internet marketing. The people at Reachd eat, sleep and breath SEO techniques and web marketing initiatives.

Its co-founder Stephen Jagger has been featured touting the wonders and benefits of social media in The Vancouver Sun and the Wall Street Journal, and seeks to bring that knowledge to eager professionals who want to expand their skill set and embrace the internet revolution.

The Internet Marketing University of Canada

Run by industry-leading professionals, the Internet Marketing University of Canadaspecializes in giving its students informative, current information to support their endeavors. The university strives to stay on top of the latest marketing trends and tackles everything from affiliate marketing to analytics and SEO tactics. Plus the program provides the opportunity to be officially certified at either the individual or business level. Additionally, for those looking to take over the world – both literally and figuratively – they offer an international level certification, which might prove beneficial since the web knows no geographical bounds.

Mastering the world of web marketing can seem like a daunting task. Properly utilizing the tools and changing media at your company’s disposal can be an overwhelming process, so it’s important to realize you have options and don’t have to go it alone.

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