How to Use Giveaways to Grow Your Blog

This article is contributed by Heather Green.

Giveaways are a great way to generate excitement around your blog and to drive more traffic to it. Everyone loves getting something for free, and giveaways are fun and exciting. You can leverage this enthusiasm to create awareness about your blog, pick up some additional traffic, and grow your subscribers.

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Here are a few ways you can use giveaways to grow your blog:

Start with a Great Product

Which one makes you more excited: A free iPad or a free tote bag? If you’re like most people, you probably said the free iPad. Of course, you may not have the budget or the connections to offer a free iPad for your giveaway, but you can select a great product that will get your readers equally excited.

Contact companies, team up with other bloggers, or save up to secure a great product for your giveaway. The better the prize, the more potential traffic you will drive to your blog.

Promote, Promote, Promote

If no one knows that your giveaway exists, it won’t matter if you’re giving away $1 million. (Though it seems hard to believe that word about a $1 million giveaway wouldn’t get around fast.)

The point is that you have to promote your giveaway well to get the most participation. Announce it on your blog multiple times, promote it on your social networks, share it with other bloggers, and broadcast it on forums. Give ample opportunity for readers to learn about and enter your giveaway before it ends – but don’t allow so much time to pass that enthusiasm for the giveaway fizzles out.

Require Social Sharing

Don’t just let your readers enter your contest for a chance to win. Make them promote your giveaway and your blog, as well.

Ask readers to share your blog or your contest on their social networks, to become your fan or follower, or to subscribe to your opt-in e-mail list in order to gain additional entries for your contest. You can either require one of these actions for entry, or you can offer additional entries as a bonus. The more opportunities you provide, the more opportunities you give yourself for free advertising.

Build Relationships

Don’t let the end of the contest be the end of your promotional efforts. Continue working on building relationships with sponsors and fellow bloggers for future giveaways and promotions. You will continue to draw on the enthusiasm that these giveaways present, and you will leverage greater marketing power through the additional promotional efforts of your partners.

Giveaways are great fun for you and your readers. They are also a great way to drive traffic to your blog and to grow your readership. Offer giveaways with great products and take advantage of contests to extend your marketing power, and you will soon seen your blog expand.

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  1. Most giveaways I have encountered encourage social sharing a lot. Blog owners awards extra points/entries to those who share the giveaway to entrant’s social network/s or blog about it. This is, of course, aside from subscribing to the blog or email list. It works, I bet. Because almost everyone’s doing it!

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