Free Online SEO Training for Beginners

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SEO has quickly become a hot topic for online marketing gurus and webmasters. If a site is to earn top rankings on popular search engine sites like Google, good SEO  techniques have to be implemented into the marketing plan.

Whether you are interested in starting an online business or looking for ways to improve an already existing website, there are several online resources out there that can help you learn the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO). But if you don’t have the extra money to pay for SEO training, you can still learn the basics by using the following free online tutorials.

Search Engine Academy

search engine academy

The Search Engine Academy is an organization that was founded in 1999 in San Antonio, Texas. Today, the organization hosts several hands-on SEO training workshops around the United States and Canada. They even teach classes in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and the UAE. There is a fee for these workshops, but every week Search Engine Academy holds a free webinar for all those interested. Each webinar focuses on a new SEO tactic and explores ways you can use the tactic to increase your business. Multiple webinars are held throughout the day, to accommodate for different time zones.

Bruce Clay, Inc.

bruce clay inc

Bruce Clay, Inc. is an internet marketing company that offers SEO, PPC, social media and web design services to several high-profile clients, including MTV, Victoria’s Secret, eBay and Toyota. With locations in the United States, Switzerland, Italy, India, Japan and Australia, Bruce Clay has a proven record for maximizing its clients’ online presence. The company’s website contains several pages of free in-depth SEO information. Although the tutorial is not in an easy-to-read format (it is presented as a webpage instead of a slideshow), this should not deter you from using it. The information presented is invaluable and thorough and will really help you get a good grasp on the concept of SEO. The site contains free PPC, analytics, CRO, SMM and design tutorials, as well.

Google Webmaster Tools

google search engine optimization starter guide

The Google Webmaster Tools website provides a free 32-page SEO starter guideto the public. The guide covers all sorts of SEO-related topics, including the basics, site navigation, content and image optimization, crawlers, SEO for mobile phones and website promotion. The guide is presented in PDF format and is organized in a way that is easy to read and understand. There are also plenty of examples and graphs to bring home each topic.

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