7 Easy Steps To Creating Your Digital Signage

This article is contributed by Sarah Carnot.

Advertising has come a long way from the days of straightforward non-appealing messages on signs and newspapers to now feature alluring creative messages on billboards and websites. Even this has been taken a notch higher with digital signage allowing for flashy messages that convey a real message to the potential client wherever they are. Digital signage has greatly reduced the cost of advertising, and has made it even more effective while  increasing the opportunities.

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It was very costly to remove one billboard on the highway, replace with another, and indeed time consuming too. Now interactive videos instead of static messages are replaced at the click of the mouse or follow preprogrammed timing from a computer. A single billboard can now display several messages at a time and increases the competition for all businesses wanting a piece of any strategic display spot.

The ability to change messages easily allows real time information to be displayed. If you notice a letter missing in a message, then within seconds the error can be corrected without anyone noticing.

With digital signage increasing in popularity and the technology advancing with each passing day, you should also be part of that change and get your own message. It is possible to create your own digital signage advertisement with the following easy steps:

  1. The first step is to create your idea of what you want to communicate to your clients. The best approach is not what products you have or what you offer but instead to think along the lines of what do your clients want to see. Once you recognize this then ask how your product satisfies their needs or wants and develop your marketing strategy from that point of view. Using this approach makes your client feel that your focus is on them rather than on your products and profits. In addition, you need to identify who your target client is. The type of client determines what language you should use to appeal to them.
  2. After you have gotten a clear and powerful message, consider screen zones. A digital sign is usually separated into different zones. At times, they display the same message across all zones or independent messages for each zone.
  3. The design of the content you would like to display should be creative and alluring, therefore, use powerful software to create the design. If you are comfortable with such software and can be sure to deliver a powerful concept, then go right ahead and create it yourself. You can utilize websites that offer flash templates to create your design. If you feel lacking in certain areas, you do not need to worry, simply hire a designer to do it for you. What you need at the end of the day is something that incorporates the use of dynamic skills, alluring graphics and creativity in describing your business. Through such advertising, your customers will be able to view your brand image in a new light.
  4. Create a dummy before you launch your content. You need to check how accurate the content is, and how well it communicates the message you want to deliver to your clients. Before publishing it and letting your audience see it, ensure it is perfect. You should rather go over the designs ten times than have the wrong content published. Such damage is not easily undone in the competitive world of business.
  5. With the computer handling everything, you do not need to take your content physically to the manager for him or her to authorize. You simply need to publish it to their network and it will be displayed. Get a good company that allows you to monitor the display and gives you a good deal. By monitoring, you get to compare the success of the advertisement to the returns you gain. Advertising is expensive so you do not need to invest where you do not get returns. Invest wisely.
  6. Ensure you update your message often to include recent promotions, new offers or even simply to be showing a new message. Once the audience gets used to your advert, they will tend to ignore it.  You need to keep them surprised with new content. This way they are always intrigued and this again is a reflection on your company quality.
  7. Explore new digital signage areas away from highway billboards such as those inside shopping malls and other public areas. Get your messages on interactive and public kiosks that are sure to have a client clicking on your advert.

Author Bio: Sarah Carnot writes for Neo Products. Neo products are an online manufacturer and implement custom ipad kiosks and self service kiosks.

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