Marketers can use a Facebook Timeline to Make Money

This article is contributed by Eliza Morgan.

Marketers know that while Google+ and Pinterest are slowly gaining popularity, the reigning social media network site is Facebook. Given that, Facebook is still where the money is at. Recently Facebook had a facelift and converted from the “Wall” to the “Timeline.”  While changes can sometimes be frustrating, it’s a marketer’s responsibility to learn how to quickly adapt so he or she can continue to bring in the big bucks for his or her clients. To get you up to speed on how you can convert “likes” into real life purchases by using the new Timeline features effectively, continue reading below.

Choose a Creative Cover Photo

Timelines now require profiles to display a “cover photo.” This photo is supposed to represent what the company is about. It’s overwhelmingly big and is the first thing a “fan” will see. It’s impossible to miss-the cover photo is spread across the entire top portion of the profile like a website banner. Because it’s so dominant, it’s crucial that you seize this opportunity to post a photo that will capture not only the essence of the company as a whole but one that will also capture someone’s attention in a positive way. Do not use a stock photo. It needs to be original. While the possibilities are endless, a popular trend among big name companies is incorporating the profile picture into the cover photo. Check out what Captain Morgan did with their cover and profile pic-they’re seamlessly connected, so it looks like it is one entity:

captain morgan

Place Milestones

The Timeline gets its name because it organizes a person’s Facebook history throughout the years, like one big scrapbook. It also allows users to make “milestones”-particular events that a user might want to remember and have easy access to when reminiscing about the past. Marketers can use this new feature to their advantage and create milestones for their company. This will help fans be more engaged and can be a really cool way for your target audience to learn more about the company’s history and background. Check out how Coca-Cola used the milestone feature to show fans how the coke bottle has transformed throughout the years:

coc cola timeline

Taking Advantage of Apps

Standard Apps, which appear near the cover photo, include headings like “Photos,” “Likes,” and “Friends.” Owners of Fan Pages however have the opportunity to personalize their apps to whatever they want. This is an excellent way to direct fans to a product so that you can make more revenue. For example, Starbucks added the Starbucks Card app, which allows fans to purchase digital gift cards for friends and family:


Pin or Highlight

Lastly, you can make sure that any important announcements, status updates, photos, or contests are noticed by “highlighting” or “pinning” them. Highlighting will expand the image or status so that it’s larger than the rest of the objects. It will stay enlarged for a week. Pinning will move the status or image to the top of the Fan Page and that’s where it will stay until you unpin it. You can highlight or pin by clicking on the star icon next to the pencil icon. Highlighting and pinning cannot occur at the same time. Kellogg’s PopTarts took advantage of the highlighting feature by enlarging their Mother’s Day’s promotional gift idea:

kellogs poptarts

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  1. Many brands have built impressive Facebook pages and took advantage of apps to engage their fans, like contests, surveys, and special promos. I personally like Coca-Cola’s. 🙂

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