3 Signs it is Time to Change Your Brand

This article is contributed by Eliza Morgan.

Branding is a very precise process and is a very important aspect of marketing.  It is also very difficult to perfect. Your company or product’s brand is critical to success. It is with this image and concept that your customers will recognize your product or service and judge whether it is right for them or not.

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Internet marketing creates an even greater need and opportunity for brand cohesion for a company and brand identification among consumers. However, there are times that marketers have to bite the bullet and realize that a brand isn’t working as it should, however well known it may be.

Making the choice to alter or scrap a brand is difficult, particularly if it has been around for some years. Much of successful branding relies on consistency and persistence. However, if a brand really isn’t working and needs a change, there will be warning signs. Look for these three signs that your brand might need a makeover.

The Brand Does not Reflect New Products or Services

The point of a company is to grow and expand. There are numerous instances where a company starts in one direction and then grows and evolves over time. When this happens brands can encounter some problems. If your brand no longer reflects your products or services wholly it may be a good time to reconsider your branding campaign. You want to allow your brand to grow and evolve as your company, products, and services do. Yes, consistency is important. But you will be doing no one any good by keeping an old brand attached to a new company offering. Evaluate how appropriate your brand is for what your company offers. Does it communicate the entire picture? Is it too narrow now? These are the things you need to look into.

You Have a New Target Audience

Your brand is directed towards a particular target audience. You want to communicate what your company is and what you offer in a way that specifically speaks to your desired customer base. However, just as your products can outgrow your brand, so also your target audience can evolve.

Sometimes when a company starts out, we aim too narrow with our targeted audience. A brand can become too narrow for the audience that we are hoping to reach once your company’s market begins to grow and expand. One of the worst things you could do with your branding is exclude certain people and groups from your marketing campaign. Evaluate your brand to make sure that it includes everyone you wish to reach. If you find that your brand is too narrow or you are not actually reaching your target audience, you should definitely consider making some adjustments.

Customers See Your Brand Differently Than Intended

Another issue that can easily occur with branding is that it is not perceived the way you intended it. This can be one of the more difficult things to deal with and recognize. You put a huge amount of effort into creating a brand that you think communicates exactly what you want about your company only to find that your audience sees it completely differently.

One way to find out if your brand is having this issue is by very simply asking your audience. Survey your target audience about your brand. Find out how they really see you and what your brand says to them. See what they call your brand. Do they have a different or shorter name for your brand? What do they identify with most about your company? These are important questions that your audience can answer so that you can create a stronger more accurate brand. If you find that your target audience has a different perception of your brand, you should consider altering things.

Author Bio:This article is contributed by Eliza Morgan who is a full time blogger. She specializes in writing about business credit cards. You can reach her at: elizamorgan856 at gmail dot com.