Protect Your Personal Brand

ABC News tells us that Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is suing a Montreal Eatery for $2.72M.  He is concerned about alleged defamatory comments he says were made about him.  Perhaps you’re not as famous as Gordon Ramsay but you too should be concerned about online personal branding.

gordon ramsay For Gordon Ramsay, his legal action states that:

Negative and critical public comments regarding the plaintiff could have the effect of decreasing the commercial value of his name and any commercial ventures associated with it.

For those of us who are less famous, the impact of negative comments may be less significant but they can potentially have a more significant effect on our future well-being.  Conversely it is important that you establish an online presence that will help you in your business and community activities.

If you need help in doing this, you will find, the online reputation management company can help.  As they say:

We establish a distinct online presence and help you monitor your improvement — you can track articles, stories or other mentions of you, your most visited pages, how many people are searching for you and the location of those people, the top results for your name and your overall popularity ranking over time.

In some ways, building your personal brand is the easy part.  You then must monitor what is happening in cyber-space to ensure that no one is trying to undermine your brand by giving critical and damaging assessments of you.  That monitoring process requires an ongoing effort that is much more than just Googling your name from time to time.

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter can help information to go viral and explode across the Internet.  If you know about anything that could undermine your personal brand, then it is better to know about this as early as possible.  You may then need to take counter-offensives to nullify the adverse comments.  Here again can work with you on this.

You will have some presence on the Internet whether you like it or not.  It may be one that is very supportive to your other endeavours or it may be weak or even negative. Rather than ignoring this new reality, it is much better to evaluate how you rate on the Internet and take actions, however minimal they may be, to neutralize any damaging information.

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  1. The celebrities are suing other people just for a bit more fame. I want to know if someone who doesn’t live in the US comments on a celebrity in US then how can the celebrity protect his so called personal brand.

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