Round Penning Clinic Langley BC December 3 and 4

Round Penning

Some regard round penning as a controversial technique in horsemanship.  Indeed a Google search on round penning has a critical opinion as the number one choice.

Michael Gonzalez is adamant that he will not use a round pen in any of his demonstrations.

Round Penning
(And Why I Believe It Is Doing More Harm Than Good))

I don’t care for round penning at all. Round penning has become one of the most, if not THE MOST, abused tool in horsemanship today. Now that is a bold statement, but I will stand on that statement very firmly. It is, in my opinion, so abused that I refuse to work a horse in a round pen while performing demonstrations. Perhaps I should clarify that I refuse to do ‘round penning’ during my demonstrations.

Many others do not share the Gonzalez view.  For example Sylvia Scott is a strong proponent of round penning.

Proper round penning is not about mindlessly lungeing a horse around and around a round pen, but is about the opposite: it is direct one-to-one very precise communication with very specific cues and instructions. When round penning is done correctly, the horse will be quieter, more compliant, and a much more willing partner in all of your other training activities.  Round penning can be an invaluable tool in developing a happier horse — and a happier rider!

Here in Langley another round penning advocate and expert is Jay O Jay..  Here is how he presents his views.

The Round Pen

“A Powerful Tool”
“Get respect, gain control and achieve confidence”

The round pen is where I introduce myself to the horse. It is a place to listen and to communicate. It is a place to develop a leadership role, gain mutual respect and establish control. All without force, bad attitudes or impatience. This allows the horse to stay emotionally and mentally relaxed so he can keep his attention focused on me. This is how I get the horse to learn how to learn!

Round Penning With Jay O Jay

If you would like to make up your own mind on how well Round Penning can be used, then you have an opportunity on December 3rd and 4th when Jay O Jay is giving a Round Penning Clinic at the Highpoint Equestrian Centre in Langley BC. This is the same location where he gave a regular horsemanship clinic in October.

High Point Equestrian Centre Jay O Jay

The six spaces for horses and their riders in the clinic are almost taken up.  However there is room to accommodate up to sixty visitors and this is a very economic way to learn a great deal about the correct way to establish a connection with your horse.

Here is how Jay describes what will take place:

  • I work “one on one” in these clinics so that each person gets maximum value.
  • Day One – I work your horse myself as I discuss in detail what I am doing, why I am doing it and how I am doing it. My goal is to get a respectful, focused and connected horse.
  • Day Two – you are in the round pen with your horse as I teach you how to achieve the same success I did.
  • I am taking a maximum of 6 horses. I will be doing 3 horses in the morning and another 3 in the afternoon.  Each session will be approximately one hour.

Round Penning Clinic Details

Timing:  Saturday December 3 and Sunday December 4 from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm.

Location:  High Point Equestrian Centre and Clubhouse, 658 200th St, Langley, BC.

The two day cost for a rider and their horse is $150 with coffee or $170 with lunch.

Spectator’s daily fee is $20 or $30 with lunch.

For More Information

Contact Kelly Brook Allen at or by telephone at 604-831-1519 or Annabel Young at 604-961-7541.

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