Model Village – Chinese Style

This model village is like no village you have ever seen before. Don’t look for thatched roofs and quaint gardens. This is a village that has ambitions to be promoted to city-status.

It is featured in the latest issue of the Week In China newsletter, and it’s called Huaxi.  It is the richest ‘village’ in China and it’s hard to believe what has been achieved there.

Huaxi has just built a skyscraper taller than the Eiffel Tower. The Zengdi Kongzhong New Village Tower opened earlier this month and stands at 328 metres tall. Topped with what appears to be a golden golf ball, it is hard to miss. it cost Rmb3 billion ($469 million) to construct and all the villagers contributed, since this is a commune. This is the latest in a string of impressive construction projects.

To give local residents a chance to glimpse the “beauty of the world”– as well as to boost tourism – Huaxi has put up replicas of various iconic buildings. These include China’s own Great Wall, as well as the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. But adding an international flavour are somewhat less successful attempts to knock-off Washington’s Capitol Hill, the Sydney Opera House and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Huaxi is 85 miles from Shanghai and houses 60,000 residents with a per capita income seven times the national average. However they achieve this by working seven days a week. As members of the commune, residents must put 95% of their dividends and 80% of their bonuses back into the village.  The assets created belong to the commune not to the individual.

The following video will give you more information on how this remarkable village functions:

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