Award Winning Wine Labels

It is estimated that there are more than 6,000 wineries in the U.S., another 6,000 in Australia, and over 360 in Canada and each may produce 10 different wines or more.  Add in Europe and South America and you clearly have a very, very crowded market-place.  Even if you decide to purchase through your local wine store, the choice is formidable.  The BC Liquor Stores Product Catalogue, for example, lists 3103 table wines.  If you are one of those wineries, how can you try to ensure prospective customers hear about your wine.

Shiraz Wines Extra-ordinaires

One way is to give a memorable name that delighted customers might share with their friends.  However that has already been done quite widely.  Just look at these wine names from the BC Liquor Stores Product Catalogue among the 245 Shiraz wines that are included.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz – Yalumba The Scribbler 07 Australia
  • Cabernet Shiraz – Long Flat 08/09 Australia
  • Cabernet Shiraz – Majella The Musician Coonawarra 06/09 Australia
  • Cabernet Shiraz – Shot In The Dark 08/09 Australia
  • Cabernet Shiraz Pinotage – Winds Of Change Organic 09/10 South Africa
  • Extramadura – Mad Dogs & Englishmen 05/06 Spain
  • Lucky Penny Red Australia
  • Painted Turtle – Shiraz Canada
  • Shiraz – Shoofly 2006 Australia
  • Shiraz – Barefoot California United States
  • Shiraz – Binder Mitchell Gunslingers Barossa 06 Australia
  • Shiraz – Bird In Hand Two In The Bush Mt Lofty 07/08 Australia
  • Shiraz – Black Swan Australia
  • Shiraz – Black Tractor 07/08 Australia
  • Shiraz – Chapel Hill Parsons Nose Mclaren Vale 09/10 Australia
  • Shiraz – D’Arenberg The Dead Arm 00/07 Australia
  • Shiraz – Fat Bastard France
  • Shiraz – Fetish The Watcher Barossa Valley 2008 Australia
  • Shiraz – Funky Llama Argentina
  • Shiraz – Gray Fox 2003 United States
  • Shiraz – Henry’s Drive Morse Code Padthaway 08/09 Australia
  • Shiraz – Henry’s Drive Dead Letter Office 06/07 Australia
  • Shiraz – Kangarilla Glimmer Of Hope 2008 Australia
  • Shiraz – Kilikanoon The Lackey 07/08 Australia
  • Shiraz – Lulu 07/09 France
  • Shiraz – Mollydooker Carnival Of Love 07/09 Australia
  • Shiraz – Razor’s Edge Mclaren Vale 05/08 Australia
  • Shiraz – Shotfire 06/08 Australia
  • Shiraz – The Little Penguin Australia
  • Shiraz – The Lucky Country 07/08 Australia
  • Shiraz – Two Hands Angels Share Mclaren Vale 06/07 Australia
  • Shiraz – Two Oceans South Africa
  • Shiraz – Woop Woop 09/10 Australia
  • Shiraz – Xanadu Next Of Kin Margaret River 08 Australia
  • Shiraz – Yellow Tail Australia
  • Shiraz Cabernet – Kangarilla Hellbent 07/08 Australia
  • Shiraz Cabernet – Mollydooker Two Left Feet 2009 Australia
  • Shiraz Cabernet Petit Verdot- Wirra Wirra Scrubby Rise 09 Australia
  • Shiraz Grenache – Timbuktu Offshore 2008 Australia
  • Shiraz – Cat Amongst The Pigeons Nine Lives 07/09 Australia
  • Wild Horse Canyon – Shiraz Canada
  • XOXO – Shiraz Cabernet Canada

Wine Labels On The Edge

If even extra-ordinary names are commonplace, how else can you stand out from the crowd.  The answer is to be ‘on the edge’ in more ways than one.  As the Vancouver Sun tells us, Holy Moly … Vancouver firm wins top awards for innovative wine labels in San Francisco competition.

Brandever’s wine labels earn a Double Gold for the labels produced for Blasted Church Vineyards in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia.  This small Vancouver firm is making its mark in the often staid wine-branding field, with cutting-edge labels such as Swear to God (Chardonnay 2008), Bible Thumper (Pinot Gris 2008), Holy Moly (Petit Verdot 2008), Cross to Bear (Malbec/Syrah 2008) and Nothing Sacred.

“We do things that are out in left field and daring,” said Bernie Hadley-Beauregard, founder and owner of Brandever Strategy Inc., which won nine of the Wine Label Design Awards handed out at this year’s San Francisco International Wine Competition in June for its innovative labels for these made-in-B.C. wines.

Here are some of the winning labels:

The Double Gold Individual Label Award for Nagging Doubt wine, also of Okanagan Falls, also is on the technical edge of label design.  It uses codes on the label that allow the buyer to scan it with a smartphone and see a video showing how the label was created.

Brandever, which has won awards for its offbeat labels at previous San Francisco wine competition shows, also had 20 of its wine labels exhibited at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art this spring.

Perhaps surprisingly if you are looking for advice on Building A Wine Brand, then you might wish to listen to the news from India.

A global wine brand that comes out of India: that’s the ambitious goal of Pune-based Good Earth Winery, says Navin Sankaranarayanan, the company’s CCO.

This is a company focused on marketing. “We believe 40 per cent lies in the quality product and 60 per cent in everything else around it to build the brand, from proper labels to expensive manpower,” says Sankaranarayanan. “We are looking to create aspirational brands.”

According to Vinexpo statistics, India has become the 10th largest growing nation for wine consumption, in value and volume terms, for the period 2009-13. According to the grape board, by the year 2020, India has the potential to become a world player in wine.

Clearly the task of standing out in that even more crowded wine market-place will take much more than just innovative wine bottle labels.

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