Joy Richardson: Afternoon Tea with a Spirited Horse Woman

Joy Richardson has made many contributions to the horse community in Langley.  One of the best known is  the Spirit of the Horse Garden in Campbell Valley Park.  She was the driving force in cooperation with the Greater Vancouver Regional District, the Township of Langley, Horse Council BC and the Langley Horse Federation.

This beautiful garden celebrates beloved horses and ponies with a memory lane of bricks leading to the Spirit Courtyard, which displays inscriptions and personal messages about these horses.  It is unique in Canada, and is located on the north side of Campbell Valley Park Equestrian Centre.  It incorporates 1/3 of an acre leased GVRD land. It is a quiet haven for horse lovers to contemplate and celebrate memories of their faithful friends.

Joy has now sold her farm and ‘retired’ but will be meeting those who have known her over the  years for afternoon tea.  Township Councillor Mel Kositsky has organized  a drop-in event to honour Joy at the Langley Golf Centre on May 1, from 3 to 6 p.m.  If you did not yet receive your invitation, here is one, courtesy of Carla Robin.

invitation to tea with joy

It is hoped that all her friends  will show their support for her on this special day, and if possible make a contribution for the future preservation of the Spirit of the Horse Garden in Campbell Valley Park.

Further details on making such a contribution are given on the invitation:

The Pacific Parklands Foundation has created a special fund for the maintenance and preservation of the Spirit of the Horse Garden.  Donations to the Spirit of the Horse Garden Fund will be graciously accepted at the event and a tax receipt will be issued upon request. Donations can also be made online at or please mail your cheque, made payable to the Pacific Parklands Foundation, to 4330 Kingsway – 6th floor, Burnaby, BC V5H 4G8 and your donation will be designated to the Horse Garden Fund and a tax receipt will be mailed to you. For further inquiries about making a donation, please call the Pacific Parklands Foundation office at 604.451.6168.

Given how much Joy Richardson has contributed over the years to the Langley horse community, whatever you can do to support the Spirit of the Horse Garden will be well merited and will honour the achievements of a remarkable horse woman.

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  1. It’s remarkable that she is still going to be part of the community even now that she is sold the farm. That truly shows that she really loves horses and the community around them.

  2. @Kreikka Your right, it is truly amazing what she is doing. I would have liked to been there. To bad I live in the USA.

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