White Spot Grows Ever Stronger

The White Spot Restaurant chain started 83 years ago and is going from strength to strength.  Its early years are perhaps best typified by what you will find on the website of the brand that was its flagship product, Triple O’s.

Here is how it all started during the years, 1928 – 1938.

It all started with a man and his truck. The man was Nat Bailey, his truck was a 1918 Model T, which he transformed into a traveling lunch counter to serve hungry sightseers at Vancouver’s Lookout Point.

One day, a customer leaned out his car window and asked, “Why don’t you bring it to us?” So Nat did. He hired three energetic young men to take orders from his customers. Because these servers “hopped to it” they became known as carhops.

Nat’s energy and his passion for service set the stage for the first White Spot drive-in, which he opened in 1928 on Granville Street at 67th Avenue in Vancouver.

If you wish to be reminded what their key product looked like, here is how they portray it.

Triple Os Hamburger

Many years later, White Spot looks very different but as the Vancouver Sun points out, White Spot restaurants keep the iconic brand sizzling.

Under the leadership of president Warren Erhart, they’ve expanded from 27 full-service restaurants in B.C. to 64 restaurants and 55 drive-throughs — including markets in Alberta, Hong Kong, and soon, Singapore.

White Spot was recently named as one of Canada’s 50 best managed companies. Erhart also emphasizes that being market focused and having a good understanding of the pulse of the market, is really important as well.

For him there are two attributes that distinguish every successful company.

  • a sense of urgency
  • a dedication to continuous improvement.

In his opinion, every successful organization is continuously improving all attributes of their business.

You can get a sense of both attributes in one of their TV ads about their Red Seal Chefs program, with their slogan, Fresh Thinking, Fresh Cooking.

Those two attributes are also the central theme of the SMM free PDF book on ‘Marketing Right Now’    Time is the most important attribute of service in a customer’s eyes and yet so many companies neglect this aspect of quality.

That does not mean that you must always be rushing around and be stressed by always keeping busy.  You need to follow those wise words of Stephen Covey and do those priority tasks that are both Urgent and Important.

The key way of measuring time is what customers are expecting.  Luckily most companies are pathetic in the time-based service they feel is adequate.  It’s often determined more on the basis of minimising costs than of maximizing customer satisfaction.  If your company reliably provides a response in a timely fashion, then your company will certainly stand out from the crowd.

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