Friday: TGIF or DAB

Friday is often thought of as a goof-off day.  Casual Friday.  Jeans day.  Kick back after a hard week.  That’s certainly the spirit behind an initiative of some of my favourite SEO people, Search Engine People of Toronto, with their TGIF – :=)  

As they wrote in one edition:

Welcome to another edition of  TGIF. I hope that you have all had a good, happy, productive week and that the weekend is like the cherry on the cake. Here the weather is getting warmer as we move into spring, and many of you will be moving towards autumn. Regardless, make sure you have a wonderful time seeing friends, family and getting out and about. Fresh air is underrated I tell you, so get as much of it as possible. Think "mmmmmm fresh air. Goodbye computer".

That’s all very well.  After a hard week’s work, why not take a little time off for yourself.

The only question you might ask is what will make you the most happy.  Is self-indulgence the answer?

In a caring society, perhaps there’s a better answer.  After all if you do a kind act for others, it gives them a warm glow and surprise, surprise – you feel a glow too.

That’s the thought behind the DAB day initiative of Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association.  Of course Do A Bit makes sense if you’re dealing with horses, but it’s a message that can work in any situation.  Each Friday, instead of goofing off, why not see how you can Do A Bit to help someone else.  You won’t regret it.