Working With Your Horse – Part 1: Horsepower

In this three part series of articles, we will explore some of the recent thinking that is important to every rider who seeks to establish a successful relationship with their horse.

If you need any convincing that this is a very worth-while pursuit, then you should see the two part series that Martin Clunes has just presented on ITV in the UK.  The two parts are each available as 5 ten minute long videos on YouTube.  Here is the first one to whet your appetite.  Other parts can be accessed at the end by mousing over the thumbnails at the bottom of the screen.

The series takes you around the world and back through time to explore man’s connections with horses over the centuries.  Clunes is a most likeable enthusiast and he presents some fascinating examples of relationships between man and horse.  His contacts with Monty Roberts of the UK and with Jean François Pignon in France are particularly impressive.  Nevertheless the program glosses over some of the details of how humans communicate with horses.  The remaining articles in this series will focus particularly on this communication.

They cover the following topics: