You And Your Horse: Connections In Langley, BC

Making Connections

Connecting with others is a key priority in these stressful times.  Despite the frenetic pace of life for most people, they will still set aside some time to be in touch with their loved ones and with their friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

Writing letters used to be the way, but few now do that.  For most the short message (or even a tweet) that Facebook or Twitter make so easy is a great way of saying ‘I’m here’.

Connecting with a Horse

Many horse owners find a particularly important connection is the one they have with their horse. If you want to understand more on that, there are lots of resources on the Internet to explore what can be involved in that.  Connecting With Horses on the VTEA website (more on them below) is a good compendium of some of the ‘movers and shakers’ in this rapidly developing field.

Langley, Horse Capital of BC

Langley is often said to be the Horse Capital of BC so it is not surprising that you will find some shining examples here of how people are connecting with their horses.  The relationship between a horse owner and his or her horse is complex when the best possible connection is being achieved.  After all, the horse is a prey animal, fearing constantly about attacks by predators, while we humans are by nature predators.  Overcoming that barrier is something that requires the right attitude and gentle persistence.


If you want to see connections between horses and their riders that work, there is nothing better than visiting one of the establishments that provides therapeutic horseback riding programs to special needs children.  One such in Langley is VTEA (Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association) at 3330 256th Street, Aldergrove in Langley, BC.  You can read much more on what they do at their website at

Jay O’Jay

Perhaps you have not caught up with the latest news but a celebrated expert on You and Your Horse: Connections is now resident in Langley.  That’s my way of explaining what he does, not his.  He believes that the nature of the relationship between the owner and the horse is critical and in some cases may present serious challenges.  However, rarely do you have problem horses.  All that is missing is that the owner and the horse have not yet developed a  mutually-satisfying relationship.  You can read more on his thinking and what he does at his website at

Two upcoming events

If you want to see Connections with Horses in practice, rather than just reading about them, then two events are coming up very shortly that are ideal opportunities.

Jay O’Jay Open House

Jay O’Jay will be holding an Open House where you can see him in action demonstrating how you make connections.  It’s free, refreshments will be available and it is taking place on Sunday 20th June at 1:00 pm.  You can find that at 8575 240th Street, Langley BC.  Just park carefully along the roadside and wander in.  Sorry but you should leave your dog(s) in your car (with the window slightly down) or at home, since those predators can be distracting.

VTEA Annual Horse Show

A week later on Saturday June 26th, VTEA is holding its annual Horse Show.  It runs from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm or later so there’s lots of opportunities for you and your children to pop in.  You will see how the special needs children have developed the connections with their horses and a fun time is guaranteed.

Members of the BC Hot Rod Association will also be present with some of their cars so there’s something for anyone.  You can even become a member or renew your membership for the coming year.  It’s only $5 but that and your involvement in whatever way you can will help strengthen some of the very best connections with horses you will ever see.