Online Business Coach – Choosing The Best One

According to one online business coach, Internet Coaching can show you how to earn more, work less, and enjoy life online by living the Internet lifestyle.  It’s an alluring promise so perhaps it is no surprise that a search for ‘Online Business Coach’ results in 26.7 million items.  Here are some of the top ranking resources:

SERP for online business coach

Clearly there is intense competition and it is gratifying that at least in this search SMM Internet Marketing Consultants came up at #2.  Given that Google now delivers personalized search results, you may find that a Google search for ‘Online Business Coach’ produces a slightly different list.

You will usually find that Terry Dean is in the top few, but perhaps the most surprising entry is Ken Troyer at #1.  He describes himself as an online business coach and mentor, who is quietly working behind the scenes.  In a previous post on online business coaches,  we did give a link to Terry Dean but he was the only one we mentioned.  However working ‘behind the scenes’, Ken Troyer clearly amasses large numbers of back links to appear so high in the Google rankings.

There is a real need for honest business coaching, since in some ways the Internet is a field of dreams.  It is true that you have the ability to communicate globally with a vast potential audience.  And yes, even if only a very tiny fraction of them could potentially buy your product or service, that can still total up to very significant revenues.

Where the dreams come in is that of course anyone else can look at that potential market place and jump in too.  If it is far too easy, then that could encourage a vast number of competitors.  Avoid such markets like the plague.  What you should consider is a market place where there is what the strategy experts call a barrier to entry.  For example if you must be certified to provide a particular service, then that is a barrier to entry.  If you are not certified, then you are not permitted to offer your services

Even if you have the skills and certification to be able to cross that barrier to entry, you may still find too long a list of potential competitors.  This then presents two challenges:

  • how can you offer something that others cannot offer, in other words offer a competitive advantage, and
  • how can you expect to stand out from this crowd.

Both questions require serious effort to find effective solutions and in some cases solutions will not be possible.  If you have really become extremely enthusiastic about your potential product or service, you may be blind to the reasons why success may be elusive.

This is where the right online business coach may render you immeasurable service.  Giving honest, frank advice will allow you to put effort into the things that matter. 

  • Perhaps you have not defined the right market niche. 
  • Perhaps you have to refine your service so you will truly be offering something that is unique for that niche. 
  • Perhaps your cash flow plan does not allow for a slow startup. 

For more on those key questions you should be asking, check out The NUB Of Your Marketing Strategy.  In that title, NUB stands for Niche, Unique Selling Proposition and Bottom Line.

If your choice of online business coach is not asking you tough questions on such matters then be very wary.  If your online business coach is only painting pictures of the promised land, then move on.  What you really need are strong doses of realism.  The online business coach and mentor who can provide that is worth whatever they may charge.  Buyer beware.

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