Golden Ears Bridge Still Not On Google Maps

As we mentioned back in December, Google still had not found the Golden Ears Bridge across the Fraser Valley here in British Columbia.  It took two years to build it and it had been open six months but there was still no sign on Google’s Maps.  The Google spiders may get a new blog post in its database within minutes but apparently they rely on others for their map data. Even though there were many human comments pointing out this serious omission, none of that seemed to get through.

Tele Atlas banner

Tele Atlas, one of the map suppliers, informed those who wished to know just after midnight this morning that they have now included the Golden Ears Bridge in their database.

You can confirm that if you are a MapQuest user because here is the route they will show you going from Langley to Maple Ridge here in British Columbia.

mapques tmap 1

Unfortunately perhaps Google Maps only works West Coast Office hours.

If you check directions from Langley to Maple Ridge with Google Maps, they are still showing the same picture as before.

google map 1

google map 2

If you do not find that circuitous route too appealing and look for an alternate route then here is their Plan B on the right.  That is no better since it uses the Albion Ferry that closed down some 9 months ago.

So until further notice, residents in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia would be well advised to use MapQuest in working out their travel plans.  After all, the Golden Ears Bridge is a most elegant bridge, has lots more capacity for extra traffic and really changes how one should get around.

I’m sure Google Maps will get to this soon so watch this space for further travel advisories on the Golden Ears Bridge.

If you spot that Google Maps has finally found the Golden Ears Bridge, why not let us know in the comments here.

Update: It took a further month before Google Maps added the bridge.

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