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One aspect of the Internet that is somewhat mind-boggling is that every moment 24/7 there are other people out there with whom you may share some common interests. There are a variety of ways by which you can find kindred spirits. It may be something as simple as Twitter or a little more complex with say Facebook. Such meeting places are profilerating all the time. In some ways it’s a little like that space that the Greeks called ‘agora’ or market place. There is lots of noise and chatter and people meeting up with people to discuss the issues of the day and to transact all manner of business activities.

Sometimes you may have some task that you want done and you are just a little over-loaded at the moment. In a physical agora, you might just raise your hand and your voice to get a little attention and then in a loud voice proclaim what help you need. Online you can do the equivalent even using Twitter or Facebook or perhaps more appropriately some free ad service such as Craigs List. If you make the right connection, then someone who can work from home can complete the task for you. Since such online vehicles are just to help communication, it is up to you to create all the arrangements such that you get satisfactory work done and the helper gets paid for his or her efforts. An important issue here of course is how to establish mutual trust between the two parties so that both can know they will achieve satisfaction in their transaction.

Payment is less of an issue now since reputable services such as PayPal or Google Checkout exist to make sure that payments are made with full security.

Now a new online ‘agora’ has been created by that handles all the mechanics of ensuring that the work to be done is handled in a trust-worthy way to the satisfaction of both the Seeker of help and the person who will provide the solution.

If you wish to Work at Home then on the ShortTask website you can do a Short Task Review to make sure that what is required in the task is what you might wish to deliver. If you wish to offer yourself as a Solver on some task that some Seeker has posted, then ShortTask provides the framework within which you can complete the task and receive appropriate renmeration. The mechanics can handle a wide variety of tasks so this should have an appeal as a one-stop place to get the help you need.

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  1. I’ve actually found quite a bit of help in forums. It seems the open discussions makes it much easier to determine which solution to a particular problem is best. Much better then Yahoo Answers or any like service.

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