BWelford’s Monthly Round-Up For August 2009

This is the online version of the SMM Newsletter. It offers a summary for the month and a selection of the most popular posts written by Barry Welford (online name BWelford) during the past month.

Launch of the Marketing Right Now e-book

August was a somewhat quiet month in Internet Marketing but late in the month, SMM launched the Marketing Right Now e-book. It provides the critical advice that entrepreneurs and SOHO workers need to successfully grow their businesses in this Internet age.

Top Twelve Posts

We hope you will find this round-up of a dozen of the most popular posts instructive and in some cases thought-provoking. You can receive an e-mail version of this if you prefer. In that case, please subscribe via the field in the middle of the right sidebar.

The blogs in which the posts appeared are indicated by the following abbreviations after the date: BPW = BPWrap; SGL = StayGoLinks; SMm = Senior Money Memos; SEP = Search Engine People blog; TOBB = The Other Bloke’s Blog
Website Audits Replace Website Reviews – 08/31/2009 SGL
A website review may comment on appearance: a website audit evaluates the key parameters that contribute to achieving website objectives.
Marketing Right Now e-book – 08/27/2009 BPW
Marketing Right Now is offered as a 55 page e-book (PDF file) and expands on the series on the Cre8tive Flow blog in Fall 2008.
Is Your Retirement Plan In The Red – 08/24/2009 SMm
Jim Otar describes the grey zone that many retirement plans fall into where they may be insufficient for retirees if investments underperform.
Taming the flood – with RSS Or Twitter? – 08/21/2009 SEP
Many suggest that Twitter will replace the reading of RSS news feeds. The news feeds have many advantages for serious readers and will survive.
Wills and Probate To Safeguard Your Heirs – 08/19/2009 SMm
A will should ensure that your assets are distributed to your heirs after all debts have been paid. The probate process ensures that your wishes are followed.
Guy Kawasaki Repeats Tweets: So Do It – 08/19/2009 SGL
Although repeating tweets was originally considered bad etiquette on Twitter, it is almost essential now given the volume according to Guy Kawasaki.
Canadian Cell Phone Rates Throttle Mobile Web Innovation – 08/14/2009 SGL
Canadian cellphone rates as set by Bell, Rogers and Telus, throttle investment in the Mobile Web, one of the strongest growth technology sectors.
Internet Explorer 6 kthxbye – 08/13/2009 BPW
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 is seeing increasing and violent opposition calling for its death but Microsoft extends its life.
Mind Maps Organize Thinking – 08/13/2009 OBB
Mind Maps are a graphical way of organizing your thinking that is currently very popular. FreeMind is a free software that is very effective.
Google Caffeine Update – Energy Boost For The Brain – 08/11/2009 OBB
Google is updating the infrastructure of its search process, now codenamed caffeine. It should deliver faster more reliable results.
Stop Your Email Newsletter Being Junk – A Case Study – 08/08/2009 BPW
Junk determination is done by the receiving ISP and evaluates the IP reputation and the message content. AWeber provides a email publishing service that avoids problems.
Financial Abuse of Our Elders – 08/01/2009 SMm
Financial abuse to elders is increasing with the severe recession. It is often committed by family members and seniors may be reluctant to prosecute.

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Barry Welford

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  1. Great round-up. I had already seen a few of those but I had missed some interesting ones like the one about financial abuse of our elders. I’m going to have to remember to come back here more often.

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