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Some may have noted that one of the SMM blogs, BPWrap, is now at a new location. A more fundamental change is that SMM has also moved its online location. Again a 301 permanent redirect was used so this maintained search engine visibility throughout the switch and ensures continuing high rankings in keyword searches.  However the move does illustrate some aspects of choice of company name and associated domain, so we will cover those aspects here.

Our very long-term friends may remember that the predecessor company to SMM was BPW & Associates.  You can still see the online traces of BPW & Associates in the WayBackMachine.  The web pages there date back to September 1998.

That company name was satisfactory before the Internet but only the 800 Lb. Gorilla companies could rely on being found once Google and the other search engines swung into place.  What was then important was to make sure the company would stand out from the crowd while being associated with keywords that described its field of activities.

Thinking along those lines produced the name, Strategic Marketing Montreal, and the associated domain,, was acquired in December 2001. The short version, SMM, had some important competition on the Web, but by now SMM ranks quite well in a search for the name.  It is only outranked in a search  for SMM by three heavyweights:

  • Science Museum of Minnesota (SMM)
  • the international SMM Fair covering shipbuilding, machinery & marine technology, and
  • the Society for Marine Mammalogy (SMM)

In 2007 however, another SMM came on to everyone’s lips: that was Social Media Marketing (SMM). Since Social Media Marketing has become an important part of Internet Marketing, it was natural to use the SMM short name for the company and rely on its by-now natural online visibility.

Late in 2007, SMM moved to British Columbia. Since the online presence was unaffected, the old domain continued to be used for a time, given its acquired good standing. However it was only a matter of time before a change had to be made. The name of the company was changed to SMM Internet Marketing Consultants and of the possible domain choices the strongest candidate was A search for SMM BC will bring you right there.

If in your blog or your website, you linked to any of the SMM Newsletters or articles, it would be most helpful if you would ensure the correct URL is now showing. Visitors do not get lost in using the old URL but this will help confirm the switch with the search engines. Just replace by We look forward to many more years of providing insights and revelations on the Internet marketing world from this new home.


A Search Engine Journal article, URL Structure: The Closer to the Root – the Better?, provides a pleasing confirmation of the wisdom of this move. .. and of course the new URL is very easy to type in.

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