BWelford’s Monthly Round-Up For May 2009

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Social Media Is An Oxymoron – 05/29/2009 SGL
Social Media is an oxymoron since social deals with individuals and media are often mass media. Twitter exhibits both types of behaviour.
Stronger Titles Or Headlines For More Visitor Traffic – 05/28/2009 OBB
A new service is available from Lyndon Antcliff on stronger headlines and content for link-building. SMM offers a Blog Post Title-Plus service.
Alarming Debt For Canadians – 05/26/2009 SMm
A CGA survey of 2013 Canadians in November 2008 shows an alarming increase in household debt to cover living expenses rather than for assets.
Arial Font No Longer – 05/25/2009 BPW
For improved legibility on the screen, Verdana is an improvement on Arial, which has a slightly cramped look. Both are sans-serif fonts.
U.S. Credit Card Industry Faces Much Greater Regulation – 05/20/2009 SMm
In both the US and Canada, new legislation for credit cards will bring much needed changes to stop abuses. Credit card borrowers are naturally very happy.
Giving Your WordPress Blog An Elegant Face – 05/20/2009 SSc
The standard out-of-the-box WordPress Blog has a series of blog posts on the home page. A single post and a popular posts list is more elegant.
Being Asked Beats Asking – 05/18/2009 OBB
Seth Godin suggests you should be very careful in planning how you ask someone to do something. Much better is to get them to do the asking.
Multiple WordPress Loops For A New Blog Look – 05/17/2009 BPW
Using two loops within a WordPress blog can allow more user-friendly layouts such as one post followed by a list of most popular posts.
Using Analytics to Spot Problems with your Website – 05/15/2009 DIR
Analytics can be the performance instruments on any website in removing problems and in helping a continuous improvement process to better achieve goals.
Do you trust your people enough to let them talk to customers? – 05/08/2009 BPW
Brian Kalma, Zappos, encourages a corporate climate where employees are encouraged to dialogue with customers in social media and it shows in sales increases.
Time For A Mobile Website – 05/07/2009 SGL
Mobile devices need websites specifically designed for them to maximize the usability and the revenue generating potential of this growth sector.
10 Reasons Why Visitors Do Not See Your Calls To Action – 05/06/2009 SSc
Visitors may not arrive at your website or may not see the Calls To Action. This is a list of 10 reasons why the website does not produce results.

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Barry Welford

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