BWelford’s Monthly Round-Up For April 2009

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Canada Revenue Agency Checks Funny Income Tax Numbers – 04/30/2009 SMm
Benford’s law states that numbers do not occur randomly but that patterns often apply for example on the first digit which is more often a 1.
Mobile Web Pages Must Be Small – 04/28/2009 SGL
The relative scale of smart phone screens and desktop PC monitors means that separate web pages must be designed for each to avoid too much scrolling.
Google Profile – Yes Or No – 04/26/2009 OBB
Google now will show a profile at the end of search results for names but SEO leaders seem to be slow in creating appropriate profiles.
Top Five Time Tips For Better Blog Posts – 04/22/2009 SSc
Time is possibly the most important word you know.and its many meanings can have major implications for effective blog post writing.
Seniors Search Service In China – 04/15/2009 SMm
Baidu, the Chinese search engine, is now offering a search portal to seniors providing ready access to diversions and subjects of interest to elders.
The Google Local Business Center – 04/15/2009 BPW
Google has now added a User Guide to its Local Business Center. Any business relying on local customers should ensure it is well represented in the LBC.
Frozen UK Pensions Good News – The Case Moves To The 17-judge ECHR Grand Chamber – 04/13/2009 SMm
A request that the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights should hear the UK Frozen State Pensions case has been accepted.
Hyperlocal Information – 04/13/2009 SGL
News is going hyperlocal to provide individuals with the news that is happening around them. The demand is growing exponentially for such news services.
Paper Money Currency – Urstromtaler, Cheers Or Plenty – Take Your Pick – 04/09/2009 SMm
To encourage spending within their local communities, several are printing their own paper money currency, exchangeable for goods and services locally.
Grassroots Leadership Development – 04/09/2009 OBB
Jay Leno in his free show at Detroit showed what John Baldoni feels successful leaders can use but that misses out on grassroots leadership.
Do Your Web Page Views Make An Impression? – 04/08/2009 SSc
In the past Adsense Page Impressions have often been significanlty less than Google Analytics PageViews. The complete reverse now seems to be the rule.
Google Local Search If They Guess Where You Are – 04/07/2009 BPW
Google Local Search is offered even when you search for a service that is likely to imply you would like local results probably based on IP location.

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