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You may know that you can vote for websites you find appealing at a number of websites and thus make others aware of your finds.  They carry names like StumbleUpon, diggit and reddit to name but three.  A new one has now appeared on the scene called Zoomit  .. and this is a site for proud Canadians.

That’s not just for the Proud Canadians Top Ten but for everyone who is a Canadian and proud of it. 

You may wish to consult a good review of Zoomit, which gives more details. As it mentions this is a Canadian social bookmarking website that features Canada’s News chosen by patriotic Canadians

David Leonhardt, the founder of Zoomit.ca says, “We have created a free place where Canadians can have their say on Canadian stories about politics, sports, entertainment and other topics. Mr. Leonhardt saw a need for social bookmarking with “Canadian-only” content because Canadian stories can get somewhat buried in the  U.S.-based sites mentioned above.

David Leonhardt asked me via Twitter whether I had any Canadian suggestions, for those who might be made aware of this great review of Zoomit.

Some Twitter Contacts

Since the question came via Twitter, my mind turned naturally to Twitter for the answer since this service seems to be growing by leaps and bounds.  Increasingly people are using Twitter to inform their friends about interesting websites.  It seemed a natural fit.  How could I develop a list of Twitter members that could receive the good news.

Unfortunately Twitter is a very rudimentary service.  Although you can find your friends by name fairly easily, there is no easy way to identify which are Canadians. Some names came quickly to mind and here is a short list of their Twitter identities.

I have undoubtedly offended many others who might assume that I would not forget them.  I will prepare a more complete list in another post and encourage any other proud Canadians who wish to be mentioned to follow the steps outlined at the end of this post.

Twitter Contacts Google Knows

Although Google seems to be having a difficult time indexing the Twitter output, I decided to use a Google search to try to find more proud Canadians.  The following seems to include more agencies than individuals, but who knows, perhaps they would wish to be using the Zoomit service too.

How To Get On The List Of Proud Canadians

For those proud Canadians who would like to be included in the list, I would encourage them to do the following:

  1. Make sure your Twitter profile identifies you as a Canadian in some way
  2. Tweet the Zoomit Review Article
  3. Add a comment to this post, including your Twitter identity.

I then undertake to cover the Twitter identities of at least the first 100 Proud Canadians in a subsequent post.  Even if you do not wish to be so identified, why not make Zoomit part of your world and help Canadian news get the visibility it deserves.

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