Internet, the community of communities

The Internet is really a mind-blowing concept.  You got a little flavor of that with the Stephen Fry BBC interview on the Internet earlier in the week.  It was only on reading the article described below that I appreciated just how mind-blowing the Internet really is.

It was an article from the Huffington Post entitled The Future Begins Thru You.  Here is how it starts:

Every now and then comes something that is a perfect expression of what the Internet is about.

The latest, if you haven’t already heard, comes via Kutiman, an Israeli Web impresario who mashed and mixed video clips of amateur YouTube musicians to create a near-flawless overture to the Twittering masses, ThruYOU, his resulting record (if you can call it that), has taken the Web by storm, garnering more than a million YouTube views in the seven days since its release.

The article goes on to point out that our rapidly evolving Internet culture is toppling old regimes and handing over control of popular information to people like you, me, Kutiman and his YouTube orchestra. The DNA of our media system has mutated so completely that it’s only a matter of time before our society changes as well.

It is happening already.  In politics, economics, arts and culture, an era of privileged access is giving way to something that is much more decentralized, participatory and personal.

We no longer limit our political involvement to television ads and the polling booth. This means organizing via Facebook, “Googling” candidates to learn more, joining text-messaging lists and creating Twitter hash tags to stay ahead of our issues.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s invented the World Wide Web with the view that the freedom to connect to anyone, anywhere was the Internet’s First Amendment. This openness, known to many as Net Neutrality, leaves ultimate control over your online experience with you, the user.

The old media (namely, phone, cable, recording and film companies) seek to remove that Net Neutrality as a way of supposedly enhancing everyone’s Web experience. The US Congress will soon have the opportunity to stop old media’s latest plans to remove Net Neutrality.  Thankfully Net Neutrality has the support of several key members, the White House and the incoming FCC leadership so the signs are good that the Internet will continue to be a community of communities Thru-You.