BWelford’s Monthly Round-Up For March 2009

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When The Lights Go On Again .. All Over The World – 03/27/2009 OBB
Lights around the world will go off to show support for EarthHour. Darkness is not negative and the lights going on again can be a message of hope.
Alberta Tries Brand Marketing – 03/26/2009 OBB
To help create a more positive image for Alberta internationally, the old slogan, Alberta Advantage, will be replaced by a new brand and slogan.
Weakest Link – 03/25/2009 SSc
Google should ignore low value inbound links in its algorithms. We all should focus on merit-based inbound links.
The Weakest Button – An Open Letter to Matt Cutts, Google – 03/22/2009 BPW
The Google Classic Search web page has remained unchanged for many years. Perhaps modified buttons would give better user experiences.
Grassroots Leadership – 03/22/2009 SGL
Grassroots leaders helped get Barack Obama to become president. They are now being encouraged to get involved in making the stimulus process work.
Ponzi Schemes in Ponzi States – 03/19/2009 SMm
Many are commenting on the parallel between the Madoff Ponzi scheme and the banking meltdown created by gullible bankers and inappropriate mortgages.
When Should You Publish That Blog Post? – 03/16/2009 DIR
By publishing blog posts when the majority of your Twitter followers are around, you maximize traffic generation. 0800 am EST is still preferred.
Stephen Fry On The Internet – 03/12/2009 SMm
In a BBC Radio 4 interview, Stephen Fry provides a superb account of some of the richness of the Internet as he finds it, particularly through Twitter.
Watch Your Punctuation Online – 03/11/2009 SSc
Search engines can be even more picky about punctuation than the most irritating human reader. Make sure your punctuation is not reducing search engine visibility.
Google Is Killing Its Golden Goose – 03/06/2009 OBB
Twitter is seeing remarkable growth but all is behind ‘nofollow’ tags. Google must resolve whether it wishes to catalogue all information and if so how.
How to Integrate Web Videos into your Marketing Plan – – 03/05/2009 VC
Marketing makes contacts with prospects and customers to maximize the chance that they will select products and/or services from your company. If they watch a video that shows what your product or service can do, then this is almost as good as having a face-to-face meeting with them.
How Long Should That Blog Post Be? – 03/04/2009 DIR
Given the growing popularity of Twitter with its micro-blogging tweets, regular blogs should have slightly shorter posts that encourage comments.

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Barry Welford

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