Alberta Tries Brand Marketing

It seems only yesterday that Alberta decided that it would no longer be Wild Rose Country.  It has been touting the Alberta Advantage for almost 15 years.

The above web page as of today notes that Alberta has a Tax Advantage, being the first debt-free province in Canada. It also has a bundle of other advantages:

  • a strong and vibrant economy
  • a young, skilled and productive workforce
  • affordable living costs
  • a strong commitment to innovation and knowledge-based progress
  • a highly entrepreneurial and competitive business community
  • a business-friendly province committed to responsible regulation
  • a modern and efficient infrastructure
  • an abundance of natural resources
  • a beautiful natural environment

So why drop the Alberta Advantage slogan.  It apparently has some negative connotations.  Perhaps it is because advantages are often there to be exploited.  Exploitation is certainly a word that has only negative vibes.

Trying to think up a brand for a province is not easy.  After all, the ideal brand instantly conjures up in the mind of your prospect some promise, some ideal solution to needs they may have.  For a whole province, that is a pretty tall order.  Only a few provinces have attempted it.

  • British Columbia – The Best Place On Earth
  • Saskatchewan –  Strong and Steady
  • Manitoba – spirited energy
  • New BrunswickBe Unique … travel your own path
  • Prince Edward Island – the gentle island

As of today, Alberta has a new corporate message and ad campaign.

alberta brand

In a soft launch at the end of the annual spring convention of the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties in Edmonton, a video featured sweeping images of the Rockies and the Badlands, along with the new, corporate message.

They are certainly putting some Big bucks behind this new Alberta brand.

Out is the 15-year-old motto: “Alberta Advantage”. In is the more generic and blah: “Freedom to Create. Spirit to Achieve”. Municipal politicians on Wednesday got a sneak peek at Alberta’ new slogan and logo, which will cost the province $25-million over three years.

It is none too soon according to Don Braid: who suggests that the Branding iron is heating up in the nick of time.  The hope is that the New brand will counteract the image of ‘dirty oil’.

The province will be working with industry, educational institutions and various organizations, including municipal politicians, to spread “the good news about Albertans.”  The goal is to attract more tourism and more investment to the province.

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