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First a disclaimer.  This is not Tweet-News, your online source for R&B singer, songwriter, musician and producer, Tweet. The other provides fans with the latest news and information on Tweet, as well as an extensive biography, discography, and media section. There is also a huge picture gallery!!

Rather this is news about Tweets, whereof the BBC declared there was a Tweet smell of success over Digg.

Use of Twitter, the mobile phone-based micro-blogging service, rocketed nearly 1,000% in the UK over the past year, according to industry analysts HitWise.  For the first time, the site has seen more visits than “social bookmarking” site Digg, which allows users to share links to sites.

Now the journalists and politicians are beginning to ask To tweet, or not to tweet?  Apparently almost anything goes on Twitter.

What are socially acceptable rules for when — or when not — to use Twitter at all?

Case in point: President Obama met in a “closed door” session with House Republicans this week. The press was not invited in order to allow the president and congressmen to have a frank conversation outside the glare of media scrutiny. But Republican U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra twittered his impressions of the president’s presentation in real time.  Was that OK?

Let’s be clear this is not a fringe activity. According to Mathew Ingram, The Reuters editor-in-chief now Twitters.

David Schlesinger, Reuters News, has a fascinating post up at his blog, Full Disclosure — a fitting title, given the topic of the post. Schlesinger writes about how he has been Twittering from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and how his Twitter messages (or “tweets,” as people insist on calling them) actually beat his own wire service, as described in a post at Silicon Alley Insider. The news? That billionaire financier George Soros believes the current economic downturn could be worse than the Great Depression, and that as much as $15-trillion might be needed to save the banking system.

If it is good enough for Reuters, then why should the rest of us stand back.  If you would like to be in touch with a friendly face, why not follow me on Twitter. Or perhaps you would like to check out some books on Twitter.

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