BWelford’s Monthly Round-Up For February 2009

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Apple Safari v.4 Beta For Faster Gmail – 02/26/2009 OBB
The Apple Safari browser version 4 beta handles Gmail really well and does a much faster job than Firefox with a better user experience than Google Chrome.
Scams in Canada – 02/26/2009 SMm
In the current recession there are even more scams being run and it is important for everyone to be vigilant. Lists of information resources are provided.
Click Here For Better Usability And SEO – 02/25/2009 SSc
Click Here works well for Usability but requires image buttons with ALT text to perform well in SEO.
Deep Web, NOW Web – more headaches for Google – 02/22/2009 BPW
The NOW Web includes all ‘online’ packets of information or Instants. The New York Times describes the Deep Web which is uncrawlable by Google.
The NOW Web Is Not The Mobile Web – 02/18/2009 SGL
The NOW Web includes the World Wide Web and all other online packets of information or Instants. The concept is suggested by what Twitter has done.
Yes, Yes Minister, Please, Please – 02/13/2009 SMm
The freebies received by top UK government civil services raise questions on what influence these were meant to have. Bonuses are also questioned.
The NOW Web From An Even Higher Place – 02/18/2009 OBB
Twitter has shown that there is much more online communication activity than is found by Google. The NOW Web is the descriptor of this enhanced cyber-space.
Getting Results From Twitter – 02/11/2009 SGL
Twitter is now a rich resource since so many people are now involved. Being effective requires careful time planning and contact with high profile users.
Check Those Cleared Bank Cheques – A New Scam – 02/08/2009 SMm
Even if your bank has ‘cleared’ a cheque, they may still come after you if the issuing bank eventually does not also clear the cheque.
Too Many Seniors In British Columbia – 02/07/2009 SMm
British Columbia has a high proportion of seniors and this will grow. However with good health, they can still contribute to economic performance.
How To Write Engaging Blog Posts – 02/04/2009 – DIR
Blog posts must be attractive to visitors and visible in the search engines. More challenging is to make them engaging so that visitors get involved.
Global Recession Needs Global Solutions Without Protectionist Trade Barriers – 02/04/2009 SMm
The Buy American clause in the US recover package would trigger retaliatory action by Europe and Canada among others against this protectionism.

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