Make That Elevator Speech A Twitter Intro

Nailing Your Elevator Speech Is Crucial according to Rick Spence in the Financial Post this week:

The first rule of networking is to express what you do clearly and concisely.  … Yep, this is the dreaded elevator speech – your introductory line that encapsulates what you do and what benefits you create for your customers – in 15 seconds or less.  …  It’s the basic tool of networking, but it’s the one most abused.

You will find lots of help on Elevator Speech Do’s and Don’ts.  However it is really a somewhat archaic expression.  I would think the percentage of elevator speeches that are used in elevators is miniscule.  Many more networking opportunities now take place online.

Perhaps the place where most online meetings are taking place is now Twitter.  So you no longer have 15 seconds to make your pitch. It is 140 characters and spaces, that is all you have got.  It may seem short but it is long by the standards of Guy Kawasaki with his Mantra

Creating a powerful twitter intro is a major challenge but it will produce something that is more relevant to today’s world than the elevator speech.  Why not try it?  You may find you learn something by the exercise.

Rick Spence’s other message was that International Networking Day is Feb. 3. 

International Networking Day was founded by Business Network International, the company that runs networking groups across North America with the motto “Givers Gain.” In his book Endless Referrals, Bob Burg (who will be headlining the International Networking Day event in Pittsburgh), admits putting other people’s needs first can be frustrating early on.

But the best way to network is to help others first. If someone you meet asks for a referral, give it serious thought. Most business people want to be known as professionals who help others, so live your reputation.  Maybe you can provide a referral, or you know other people who can help this person– say, an understanding accountant or an affordable Web designer.

You have almost a month to get your Twitter Intro right.  Why not start today?

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2 thoughts on “Make That Elevator Speech A Twitter Intro”

  1. Quote: “it is really a somewhat archaic expression”

    I couldn’t agree more with you on that… I like to say 30-second intro, networking introduction or something else along those lines.

    I also agree with you that Twitter is the place to be online. I cringe at so many Twitter bio’s — entrepreneurs who are there to network ’cause they read somewhere it’s a great way to market your business… These people don’t get that their bio is actually their “elevator pitch” — the first impression they are giving about themselves and their business!

    All we can do is spread awareness with posts like this one. Thanks for making this post one more reminder!

    Cristina Favreau

  2. Twitter might be the hip thing, but in my experience, there’s still need to know how to make the cliche “elevator pitch”. Most business is still conducted in person, and you can’t persuade as skillfully online.

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