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Hosting Problems

Our faithful readers may have noticed a dearth of posts in the past two weeks.  This was because of hosting problems with our previous hosting service, which shall be nameless.  Although this is a fairly standard WordPress blog, when it inexplicably went off-line, they could not correct the situation and indeed blamed the blog.  Since another WordPress blog on a separate domain hosted with them ran into problems at exactly the same time, this seemed somewhat unbelievable.  However they were unable to correct either situation so we looked for other hosting solutions.

Hosting solutions

One of the advantages of getting involved in online communities is that friends are always close at hand.  Donna D. Fontenot, a fellow moderator at Cre8Asite Forums, recommended checking out Hostgator among others, which I did.  I found their hosting plans attractive and their KnowledgeBase and supporting information most complete.  If you are looking for a hosting solution I would recommend them without reservation.  To do so, follow this link to Hostgator.   (Full disclosure – this is an affiliate link but this in no way influences my unreserved recommendation.)

Hostgator Tickets

The online interactive site and the Hostgator Cpanel are excellent and for most applications it is unlikely that you will need to contact Hostgator.  I had some minor complications and I found the support via the e-mail ticket system surprisingly fast (usually within an hour or two).

Hostgator Live Chat

While setting up a series of domains on my Hostgator Business Account I had a small number of points where I needed additional clarification.  I used the Hostgator Live Chat facility and was delighted by the speed and excellence of the service.  Sometimes there was an immediate response: on the busiest occasion, I was third in line with 19 chat operators who were dealing with 25 chats but a response came in minutes.  It is a most impressive service.

Hostgator Hosting Recommendation

I am a really satisfied customer and, given that customer service is often less than satisfactory, I believe Hostgator is worth writing about.  If you are looking for a hosting solution, I hope you will try them out.

To provide the most useful source of information here, please add your comments, either positive or negative.  So often people only record their criticisms but rarely comment on their satisfaction.  If you have suggestions on how the service might be improved, then why not add those too.

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