I had not heard that word crikey in many years.  It’s an English word and is used as an exclamation of astonishment, or as an emphasis of fact at the conclusion of a statement. It is also thought to be an alliterative substitute for Christ.

Crikey is also the name of an Australian online news site that proclaims it is telling you what they will not. Their recent headline is Court of Human Rights’ shock decision on UK pensions.  As Ava Hubble writes:

Over 500,000 elderly British expats, about half of them Australia-based, are reeling from the shock news that the European Court of Human Rights has rejected their claim that the UK’s long-standing frozen pensions policy is discriminatory.

Given that the President of the ECHR dissented from the Judgment rendered by his 6 colleagues, crikey is the mildest of words one could use.

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